Why intuition and intellect should be collaborating

In this blog post I will talk about the need of both intuition and the intellectual. Nowadays, many people think they have to choose between those two. “I am an intellectual because I am studying the scientific side of life” or “I am a psychic so I follow my intuition with everything I do.”

Like everything in life, we need a balance and with too much of 1 thing we are not fully aligning with our true potential.

1. Masculine and feminine energy

Every single person on this planet whether you are a man or woman is perfectly balanced when both masculine and feminine energy are equally present.

Masculine energy – the intellect

Masculine energy is connected to our logic and intellect. Masculine energy makes you more goal-oriented and enhances your perseverance.

Without the masculine side you are not organized and you do not want to obtain any information that comes from a book or is slightly intellectual, you just want to dream and look up in the sky.

We can’t stand up for ourselves with a lack of masculine energy. This is what brings our self-confidence and passion in life.

Feminine energy – the compassionate

The feminine energy stands for compassion, nurturing, intuition and feeling. Feminine energy is connected with the creative side of our brain or as some say connected with the heart.

Without the feminine energy we are not open to listen to our intuition or to understand other people’s feelings. Feminine energy is nurturing, warm and helpful and therefore, great in service related fields.
A lack of feminine energy can make people very ego-orientated and selfish.

How can you balance your energies?

In this section I will provide you with some examples and benefits of using both the intellect and the intuition in your life. You should not miss out on your perfect alignment for thinking you are not able to do something. Here are some tips that I can give you, see which category applies to you.

1. You feel like you are not smart enough

Define smart for me? There is no level of being smart. You might have failed the IQ test because maybe you have a tendency to worry about failure, maybe you have a life experience that can change other people’s lives, maybe you are persistent and a great athlete.

You could be the best mom in the world. I define smart in, look for your strength and add that to the world. Then you are being smart, do not try to compare yourself to others’ because they are an amazing scientist, teachers or read 20 mathematics books.

Why intuition and intellect should be collaborating

Be smart as in know your possibilities, be smart and know that you are an unlimited being and capable of whatever crosses your mind. If you want to make your weakness a strength, believe in yourself, see if you need more masculine or feminine energy to do so and start acting on your goals.

“You are not smart enough,” is a self-created myth. If you show
yourself that way in the public, other people reflect back to you a similar way and treat you the way you think you deserve to be treated.

2. The ability to discover what has not been discovered by the mind

You love investigating, numbers and abstract. You are preparing your reports on facts at work.

When you are inventing a new product, doing forecasts in Marketing or calculating a formula, you are mainly using your abstract brain. However, you need intuition in order to believe in yourself, you need the compassion of the feminine energy to listen to people around us and be patient.

With the ability to gather information from different people and the intuition that tells you which information to take in and what not to take in will help you.

Why intuition and intellect should be collaborating

When you say you do not want to go the spiritual road, do not confuse sitting in a cave in a lotus position with your ability to listen to your “gut feeling.”

Sometimes you just have this feeling something is “off,” but you think that it must be all in your mind. In the end it turns out you were right after all. Do not exclude your intuition, this can help you prevent mistakes in your business, in your inventions and in your ability to trust the right people.

3. I do not want to out-shine other people or speak up

A lot of people have an amazing talent like a great singing voice or have an amazing story to share. But, they feel like when they go on a stage or be that manager in a company, that too many faces are pointed to them. They either feel like they got too much attention focused at them or that they do not want to step on other people’s toes.

You have to understand when you fall under this category, you are meant to show your talent. Do not think about the people that you out-shine, everyone is shining at its own time.

Intellect and intuition

When you obtain a certain position or opportunity without your ego being involved, but perfectly selected because you have the talent embrace it! It means people WANT to hear more from you.

They believe you possess all the talents needed. Work on your masculine energies and step forward when the time is right for you. Do not miss out opportunities, because if you do not take them other people will and what is the win for you in the end? Dare to shine dear soul! Now is the time.

4. I do not want to ask for too much money

You have so many talents, but you are so compassionate that you feel that you owe people all the time. You can just do it for free this once or ask low prices of money.

All of this has something to do with your self-worth, which is mainly masculine energy. Believe you are worth more and ask that. If you do not believe in yourself as described before, other people do not either.

Money is energy and you can only attract money when you feel that you are good enough to receive it. Use the law of attraction to achieve the impossible and define your prices with your mind and self-worth.

intuition vs intellect

A lot of people do not understand how important the alignment of both intellect and intuition are. Why do we care so much what other people think? It is just an imprint of a moment and you will see with the price you ask how many people will come to your business, and only then you can define what is working for you and what not. Which brings you to the next step.

5. Do not say “no” to something you have not tried before

How many times you hear people say: “oh, this is not for me.” Well, have you tried? Have you done your research? Defining an answer before having an insight is not an answer. There is no right and wrong, only right and wrong for you.

If someone is telling you about their experience or a discovery that has been made with numerous results, why exclude it immediately? Do your research first, read about it, experience it and then decide if that is for you or not.

I am not talking here about negative experiences, but just overall conclusions. We tend to listen to people and make up our own opinions very quickly, but what if we didn’t? What if we truly listen to other people and learn from each other? Will that hurt?

I think this will help tremendously in opening your mind to new experiences, new people and new knowledge. Do not just sell something when you are not behind a product, first try it and then sell it. You will see that your numbers go much higher up.

Let’s open our minds to the world and be open to one and another, we are all human beings and why not learn from our environment. Isn’t it fun to do some research of your own, and combine that with your intuition and “gut-feeling?”

Conclusion of the collaboration between intellect vs. intuition

Isn’t this a new era in which you set your mind open and stop pointing fingers at people around you? Isn’t it time that you believe the impossible IS possible. You see videos all the time around your on Social Media, subscribe yourself with inspirational people, with amazing stories out there and with positive news.

As long as we limit ourselves with our own beliefs that maybe we are brought up with, you can’t change anything in your life right now. We need both our intellect and intuition to discover the world, to do our own research and to know there is more.

Knowledge is power and why not obtain that by reading, experiences and meeting new people. We are in a time where we can change things and make a new starts towards a better future, what is holding you back?

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  1. The source of intuition is likely associative intelligence, which somehow finds it way to the conscientious mind and becomes a thought.
    Edit Hegyi, M.D., PhD

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