Are you more feminine or masculine?

Femininity and masculinity… it is not only a division that is physically visible. You are born with a certain gender and that is the mark that you have during your lifetime. Not in all cases this is where someone is comfortable with. Male or female, we all carry certain energies around us.

Why do energies define us?

There is no explanation that I have that defines why some have more female energies and why some have more masculine energies. The perfect balance is a bit of both. Manly energies are more defined by the intellect and logical mind, while female energies are defined by intuition.

We could argue that when both are in balance, you are more in alignment with who you truly are. But, when thinking about it, we also carry some life lessons with us, and what if being more feminine or masculine is part of your soul purpose.

Feel comfortable with your own energies

However, you do need to feel comfortable with your choice. In my case, I became more masculine as a female because I wanted to come across stronger. I did not like to be weak in society or make people think they could break me. This came from a time in my youth in which I was bullied. I thought if I was more feared, this bullying would stop.

Are you more feminine or masculine

It did not stop, because the more they bullied me, the further I went from being my true self. Then when I grew up I continued the masculinity as I thought being attractive was misleading.

I started acting though and dressing up less attractive, or without make-up. Depending on the time in my life. I wanted people to take me seriously and as in this world, people are defining everything they see.

Judging people by their looks. But the further you go from yourself and your life purpose, the lesser people will accept you. Therefore, now I have made it one of my achievements to be yourself and still pursue what you really want.

You looks do not have to match your inner feelings

There is no way, that your looks have to define what people think of you. Your inner self can be a complete different person from what you look like. But in the end? What is a certain look? It is defined by society as a brand mark. But does something change the true self?

No, it does not. I took my own story as an example, but everyone until a certain degree had to do with judgments and prejudgments. And let’s face it, we do it automatically. We feel safer when we define everything what is around us.

If you look skinny, you cannot be an athlete or if you are white you cannot be a rapper. We should embrace our talents and our diversity. Why judge each other, while we can encourage. If everyone around you is a reflection of yourself, you better treat yourself right!

If you want to change the energies around you

What if you do want to be more feminine as a man or more masculine as a woman. You can change the energies around you. Being emotionless as a man, is not the right balance. You need some feminine energy, to balance your logic. It will aid you in your relationship with a woman.

If you do not understand the other person by emotions or intuition, how can you ever come to a healthy agreement. On the other way around, if you are too feminine as a woman, how can you understand the logic that your man brings you. It is a balance of understanding and agreements. Of learning from each other.

You can change the energies, by the clothes you wear, the sports you are doing or the energies that are coming along with certain activities. If you want to be more feminine as a woman.

Start wearing a little more make-up and wear a pretty dress. If you want to be more masculine as a man. Start working out in the gym (heavy lifting) and watch football. It will call into certain energies.

Meditate and feel what is right for you

We have a whole lifetime to get to know ourselves. Because, defining who you really are is very difficult. Who am I really? What do I want to do. How do I come across to people? How do I want people to see me? These are very difficult questions and to make it even more complicated, often we change these visions in the different time scales and paths of our lives.

Are you more feminine or masculine

We determine ourselves in the moment and the place we are at. When we are younger, we are much more different than when we are older.

When we are in a relationship, we act different than when we are single. All these determinations are creating our reality in one way or another. Being comfortable with yourself in your key though.

As people are your reflection. If you come across with self-confidence (not to confuse with arrogance) then people will respond to you in that way. Everyone is a mirror and a reflection of what you are.

They are responding to your energies and your energies are creating your reality and the people you are attracting into your life. Am I being too complicated here? Because I want to make you think and realize.

Meditation will help you in increasing your confidence. In defining of what you truly want in this period of your life and importantly, will help you let go of what you are holding onto.

Balance your femininity and masculinity

After some soul searching and providing yourself with a place in this world in which you feel comfortable with. You can balance your masculinity or femininity accordingly.

The left side of the body is related to your feminine side and the right side to your masculine side. If one of the two places in your body is stuck (literally), then you know how to balance your energies. Listen to your body and act upon it.

I challenge you to question your femininity and masculinity and how you want people to see you. You are just as magical as everyone on this planet. There is no, “I am better than you.”

You create your own reality and how you would like to be seen. Create what you wish for today, and it might become true! I trust in you, I hope you reflect that to yourself beautiful soul.

5 thoughts on “Are you more feminine or masculine?

  1. Hello, Beloved. Greetings from California USA. I’m a YouTube subscriber of your channel. Love it ! Where the hell are you dam it… Ha ha just kidding you. Truly , l appreciate your sharing it’s so awesome and of course so very mindful. l’m deeply moved and resonate with all you have been speaking about. Your essence is a delight. I want to encourage you to keep it up (sharing your self-realization) on the big YouTube screen. It’s so very needed,and because l knows your eyes can’t tell no lies. Ha ha. Yes to see your face and hear your words and voice is my delight. It would of been fun to be able to put my face to my sharing for you. United in Heart and Consciousness I send you my love, your YouTube channel buddy Mr.Ron Marzullo.

  2. Hi Ronnie,

    Thank you for your warm-hearted comment. I am happy you enjoy my videos and I will certainly upload new videos soon!

    I wish you all the best & luck.

    Much love and light,

    The Mindful Magazine

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