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Human Labeling and why we do it?

In this video I explain the concept of human labeling. It is something we are all guilty of. When we meet people, the first thing we see is the looks and appearances. Since long times, there are many jokes, concepts and prejudgments with certain looks.

Pre-judgments and labeling

On television we often are presented with different concepts of (pre) – judgments. You have the nerds and geeks who are very smart but struggle with women, the dumb blondes that only care about their looks and the rich guys who can get anything they want and get away with it.

Until a certain degree, these concepts might be real. Also because people act often act the way people think they are. I was one of these people, I thought that my looks should be matched with my inner self.

Labeling fits the soul?

If we think about labeling from a higher perspective. Aren’t we just souls, living in a body, having a human experience. If we truly believe in reincarnation and food for the soul, wouldn’t we have been any race in one of our lives.

We all have been Asian, African, White-raced or whatever else is out there. Does it really matter what we look like? Shouldn’t we just love everyone on this planet, just because they are all a soul like you experiencing their life purpose. You might have been them before. Everyone wants love and to be loved. We would like to be appreciated for what and who we are. Why not love everyone and surrender to love in all its unconditioned forms.

How to stop labeling?

In order to stop labeling, we need to see things from different perspectives. Because, one doesn’t fit all. You cannot see things from one way in order to resolve it. It takes some effort and peace from within. Our mind has the need to label people, in order to find peace from within.

Why do we not see people in a different rays of light? Like we are all here to experience the lessons that we need to learn. The person you might look down on, or laugh to, could be you one day. You have no control over what is to happen to you in your life.

The practice of being grateful

In order to appreciate all that is happening in your life. The practice of being grateful brings you even more joy and happiness. Every single day send the energy of gratefulness into the world. In this way you strengthen your position for yourself. You will feel joy filling up your heart, which doesn’t measure anything you have ever felt before.

Be grateful, for all the people that have joined your life. Be grateful for the ones that support you in your life and are spending time with you. Also, on the contrary, be grateful for the ones that make your life difficult.

These people bring your life lessons along. And yes, these lessons are the key to learning. The easy ones, do not make you learn as much as the ones that are making your life difficult. Understand this perspective.

Mirroring moods & characteristics

When we meet people, they react to us the way we feel and react to them. Everyone is a sort of mirror, projecting their feelings into others, which then reflects back. I want you to take on a challenge. Approach people from the heart. Love them the way they are from the core and talk to them like that.

You will see that people respond to you in a different way. It is a good test, to see different perspectives in life and change your opinions and label less. Avoid labeling is very hard to do, but if we are aware of it, we can at least try.

Labeling conclusion

After reading this blog post, or if you have watched my video, I hope you are inspired to give people a chance. Do not judge, but see if that person resonates with you. If they do not, just let it go and let the other person be. Choose the people you want to have around and see everyone through the eyes of pink glasses.

Everything comes from the core of our feelings and they project them into yours. Sometimes people go through rough times and might come across a lot chillier that they would usually be.

Think about things, do not just judge and stick with it. Try to see things from a higher perspective. The perspective in which only love is allowed.

Have an amazing lovely day full of happiness without judgments!

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