My child has spiritual gifts, what to do?

Something unusual happens, your child is seeing things that you can’t see. Well, didn’t we all have imaginary friends when we were little? The question is: “are these imaginary”?, or are they seeing things that we do not see.

How can you possibly understand something, that you can’t see? Many parents are dealing with this. Since we are young, we are being told to “act normal”. But in reality, what is “acting normal”?

Seeing through the veil… is there?

There are many levels of sensitivity that can be experienced. There is no one reasoning statement, that can explain what is out there in the universe. But just because you do not understand, does it mean it doesn’t exist? I am trying to create the awareness of the possibilities that your child could be sensing more than you do.

My child has spiritual gifts, what to do?

Overall, children carry such innocence with them. Society didn’t program them yet, they haven’t a clue what is normal or not normal yet. It is the society, family and friends that will create their reality and their truth.

If they claim to talk to “imaginary” friends, fairies or guides, that might seem completely off for you, but for them it is real. And in a way, can we exclude everything in this universe, while there are so many things that are not explained yet.

Acceptance of what is in your child’s experience

Your child is experiencing things, feeling things and might even see things that you can’t. If you keep saying that what the child is experiencing is not real, that could do a great damage.

I am not telling you how to be a parent, but I am telling you from my own perspective of being a child and how it formed me. Feeling like you are “not normal” or strange, might bring some good damage with it.

My child has spiritual gifts, what to do?

With the fears you are providing your child, because you do not understand what is going on, your child projects your fears and might attract negative entities instead of good ones!

Instead, try to talk with them about it, even though it seems completely off. Ask them what they are seeing and how they are feeling. Do not let them fear it, but rather be strong and confident about it.

Creating a space of trust

In order for your child to trust you with their experiencing, no matter what their age is, you need to create a space for trust. Try not to judge them, for what they are telling you. Just listen to what they have to say and create a solution of what is.

If they trust you, they tell you more. Tell them not to fear, I repeat it again, because this is a very important aspect. Nowadays, more and more children are sensitive as the earth is going through higher frequencies.

The older generations, have been through wars and heaviness of the aftermath of wars. These frequencies are lower. Now, there is a division on earth happening and since more peace is coming in, the frequencies are raising. Love does that, wooow!

Contact other parents with similar kids

Instead of avoiding the “issue”, talk to other parents instead who have a child that is experiencing the same. How do you deal with it? Sometimes the parents are a bit scared, because the kid is saying such “intelligent things.” Or saying things they could possibly not know.

There are many forums on the internet in which you could share your experiences. There are spiritual coaches for children and gathering to which you can go. There are many possibilities out there.

Do not alienate your children

Tell your children that what they are experiencing is completely normal. Do not assume they are crazy, but here them out first. There are many and many cases which explain supernatural gifts and contacts children had.

There are spiritual therapists, who compared stories of several children and they all said the same things. In some cases there might be something else going on, but do not judge before you actually know. Remember, we are all here for a reason and we are all unique. Your children are related, but have different souls of their own.

My child has spiritual gifts, what to do?

Hopefully this blog was a bit helpful. I hope you are aware that this is happening and you are not the only parent experiencing this. Things are there to solve instead of facing these things as a problem.

Have a blissful day, beautiful parents, you can do it!

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