The reality of realities

What is a reality?

Many times we are asking ourselves what a reality is. What is real and what is not real? How difficult is it actually to divide these two. You can see a movie, which seems real, but we hold the truth that it is not real.

A magician can do tricks that do seem very real, but still it is an illusion. We are questioning so many thing in life, whether it is real or not.

The reality of realities

Each of us contains its own reality. Which means that we can create different believe systems according to what we believe and perceive. Reality is very interesting as life here on earth contains of different realities.

When you walk outside with a friend, you both observe and perceive different incentives. One might look at another sign than another. That is why in a group we obtain much more information, which we can share. Therefore everyone is unique and discerns distinct information.

Non of it is incorrect as it is the reality you obtain for yourself and share with the world. As I am writing this blog, I share my reality of the world and the people who are looking for different perspectives can gather some of my information and pick the information that resonates for their reality.

Show a picture to a class of children and let them tell you what they see in the picture. Diverse answers will be given from all of them, as a tree is a tree for us, but for others it might be a complete different perception.

Do not force reality upon you

When we understand that each of us has its own reality we can adjust our believes that other are incorrect. The other way around you can’t force people to agree with you as they have their own believe systems and perceptions.

A fun exercise would be to sit in a group; and it doesn’t matter where, in which you can share your observations together. What do other see and did you learn from one another?

Did they give you a new insight in things that you did not know before. Some people walk to work every day, but they do it more or less “asleep.” When you reach the state of awakening or just living in the moment, you will suddenly see different things.

There might have been a huge tree that has always been there, but you simply did not see it because you looked down or you always listened music and therefore you didn’t focus on the outside world.

Is daydreaming a reality?

When you think about it it is quite funny, when we have to look inside into our feelings, we prefer to look outside of ourselves. But when we walk outside and there are so many beautiful things to see, we look inward and we usually daydream.

Daydreaming is not a malefic thing, but if done too much, there is many things that can be missed. And to even go further, your dream of daydreaming might be missed because you were walking and daydreaming at the same time. Be awake, breathe in our fascinating world and observe and see.
the reality of realities

Do not miss our true essence and beauty, and most important of all, do not let your life live by your mobile phone. Nowadays, this is one of the biggest reality changers.

Who wants to review their lives on the end and say, oh gosh, I missed that all because I was texting my friends. NO, please don’t only text your friends, be there for them and talk to them! They might have interesting realities to share with you.

Do not miss life, love, nature anything! Enjoy, be free of illusion and stay awake to your amazing reality!

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