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“Time is the indicator of an illusion”

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As said in the quote, time is an illusion. It is an indicator of meetings. It tells us where we need to be at what exact moment. It is absolutely easy to use, but keep in mind that time is made up by human and does not really exist.

Time is the indicator of an illusion

Yes, we are growing older and things come and go. It is an ongoing cycle that will keep repeating itself and that is what makes life so valuable and special.

Many people live by the clock and therefore there is often more stress than necessary. In the end it is you who is living your life and not anybody else. Running against the clock won’t get you anywhere.

Time is the indicator of an illusion

See the beauty around you

When you walk to work, wake up a little earlier and just sit still for a moment in nature, a park or any other beauty that our planet has to offer. Breathe in the air around you and take in the moment. Live in the moment as much as possible.

Time is just an indicator of where and when you need to be. But in the end you are the one that experiences this cycle, this beautiful life. How can we keep going, when the engine our body (the vehicle of our soul) is not working properly.

Just wake up one day without time limits and just do what you feel like. Everything is your experience and your life. If you are not referred to a clock, do not use it. Be free of time limitations. Be free of all. Be you.

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