Living in the moment vs. future planning

Living in the moment is a sentence that is often used nowadays. Especially, since the amazing book of Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now.” This book helped me and many other people to be inspired to live in the moment.

After this book I was certain to live in the moment from there on, however, it is not as easy. Our ego’s are constantly pulling us back. It is a fight that goes backwards and forward, again and again until each time our minds become a bit more quiet.

For the one that didn’t read the book. It is all about living in the moment. I am typing this blog right now and that is what just is. You do not need to focus on any other thing. Just the one thing you are doing at the moment.

My experience on living in the moment

For some time now I have been trying to live in the moment. There were times where I walked to work and I saw the beauty around me. My mind was actually really quiet and I saw the beautiful movements of the trees going slowly.

I felt everything intense and all around me was so much more fascinating than normal. Even though I had my spiritual awakening, it doesn’t mean I am there yet. That’s actually where it all begins. You are becoming very aware of everything, and therefore you can make amendments in life.

Living in the moment vs. future planning

Then after I arrived at work and I am sitting in my daily routine, I start to think again about everything. I mean literally everything… what will I eat for lunch, why is that person not contacting me, why am I not appreciated…. and it goes on and on.

How can I plan my future and live in the moment?

My big question was, how can I live in the moment and not think about my future at all? I have plans for the future, but I also want to live in the moment. What do I do with all the memories I have?

As I reached my first “shift” when I was 16 and my actual spiritual opening at the age of 25, I have always been an observer and explorer. I always questioned the behavior of us human beings and the thoughts behind the thoughts.

As living in the moment was another fascinating subject. I work in a normal office, run a blog where I want to inspire and inform people with my spiritual messages, personal investigations and thoughts (at least I hope I do).

Is living in the moment only for gurus?

The thoughts of everyone is, how can I live in the moment when life is demanding so many things. This is only reserved for the people who meditate all day and have no worries. But dear people, this is wrong. I am one of the people with normal routines.

I have never had “free time” to meditate all day. I am just a random girl that went a bit further in questioning. Spiritual salvation or however you want to call it can be reached by each and everyone, who dares to explore. You will see that there is amazing feeling that comes along with it.

Living in the moment vs. future planning

You can live in the moment and own an agenda. Breaking the usual habits is something that is needed in order to explore. Getting outside of your comfort zone. Stand up a bit earlier for your meditation and take a half an hour to write down your thought.

Empty your mind, until your body feels lighter and lighter. Special talents are not required for living in the moment. You can practice it yourself every day. It will take some training, but just as a professional athlete or chef, you need to commit to it. Are you ready for that?

Set an intention and let go

So what about your future? We all have wishes on how our future wants to look like. I guess here the law of attraction comes in order. You can live in the moment, while setting intentions for the future. You can hold the thoughts of your perfect future in your heart, and then you let it go. Read more in my blog post about the law of attraction.

A thing that we tend to do when seeing our future is forcing it. We are forcing a future that is not in alignment with what the universe has in store for you.

We all come on this earth to learn something that is specific for you. In astrology these purposes are often seen. If you resist the path that is given to you (or which you chose before coming on this planet), the universe will go against your wishes.

Listening to your heart and intuition

When discovering what we are really here to do, we have to listen to our intuition and feelings. When focusing on your heart intentions and intuition and following the path it is sending you to.

This will also be the path that will bring most joy to you. When you feel that things are going easily for you and there is not much resistance, you know that you are following the right path for you.

Being in alignment with who you are

In many of my blogs I outline this alignment with life. It will bring you so many great rewards, that you can’t even imagine. When you have difficult times, just accept that it is happening until better times present itself. It is all part of a greater deal in which you learn lessons. The worst situations make you stronger. Without the hard lessons you would not have created your beautiful personality.

Surrendering to who you truly are supposed to be in this life time will bring you more happiness.
Pay attention to what is coming your way, therefore you can still live in the moment and notice what is happening around you. Those signs are sending you to your true purpose, true love and everything you wish for. Plan your time, but plan it when living in the moment.

Conclusion of living in the moment

Living in the moment is possible for every person on this planet. There are people who are forced to live in the moment because of circumstances as extreme hunger or pain.

They have nothing more than living in the moment. But for the ones with normal daily routines like me, there is a way to live in the moment equally. You do not need to be a guru or have all the time you want. Actually living in the moment gets more done than panicking in the moment, therefore I challenge you to try.

Living in the moment vs. future planning

Wish you future, hold it in your heart, listen to your intuition and true self. What do you really desire? What is going easy for you? What was an obstacle, but you have learned from so much that you want to share it with the world? Ask yourself, see the signs and be awake. Do not let anybody get you out of your path, the moment will tell you more than a thousand words, feelings and emotions.

I wish you all the best living it, being it and all the luck to your personal beautiful journey. I am on mine, you are on yours and together we are all one. Everything happens at the right time, TRUST, you will be fine!

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