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Poem: “Just be still”

In the moods of all, serene moments are magical
Always surrounded by the busy implementations
Never a dull moment, always in a rush
Stillness, do we still know what that means?
Chatter of mixed feelings, driving you into insanity
Is there ever a right choice?

Nothing is empty, but yet so fulfilling
Nothing brings sometimes, as nothing is tranquil
A moment outside with fresh air, forming new thoughts
Occupied people look down on you
Why aren’t you following?
The stream is forward, nobody sees reality as it is
The light is the path of the brave, ever so bright
Choosing to walk the magical forest, without a map
Not knowing what comes next

But when I sit in stillness and look at the trees
I know my path, it shines so bright that I almost can’t see it
It is the path that has never been walked before
My name is on it, and only I know the way
Nobody can tell me what is wrong or right
As there is no answer to that question
Light the candle within you and follow your breadcrumbs

Trust that all will be well
Trust yourself
Just be still

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