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Quote: “I am worthy, I am a warrior of peace”

I am worthy
I am worth it
I am strong

I am inner power
I am invincible

I am a warrior of peace

You are worthy of everything that you wish for in life. Do not think that life will skip you because you are not worth it.

Life does not decide if you are worthy of something, you do. You have to wish the best for yourself to get the best out of life.

If you start comparing yourself with others you might feel even that life has skipped you, but you have to remember that everything happens on its own time.

Timing of life

You get exactly what you desire, at the right time in life. Look into yourself and be honest… are you really ready for what you wish for?

If you feel that you are gather all your inner power and go for it, listen to your intuition and act with kindness and care. You are the person you think you deserve to be, you are the ruler of your life, no one else can decide that for you.

Make sure that on your path of achievements you do not harm others in order to have things your way. The beauty is to reach for the stars while being true to yourself, that will create the most fulfilling situation.

Be the strength from within, and the appearance of calm and joy on the outside. Life to your own truth and be as amazing as you can be. Become the person you are proud of.

Be invincible,

Be a warrior of peace