Outside or Inside fulfillment?

This post is especially related to the western world, where outside fulfillment is one of the most important factors in life. That nice branded handbag, the perfect boyfriend, luxurious and fabulous pictures on Facebook. Who of you shows off the most about how wonderful your life is from the outside.

Everywhere around us it is visible. We are wearing beautiful looking clothes where our shapes are coming out best.

Your friend is dressed more dazzling than you, and you start feeling insecure. A feeling of competition comes up. Wanting to look better than your friends or reach higher grades etc. So, do not hesitate to read further about outside or inside fulfillment in life and where to find the best balance.

Is competition amongst each other necessary?

The motivation to compete with each other is not a reasonable one. Why don’t you want to other to succeed. And isn’t it true that all of us have our own hidden talent.

Would it not be better to focus shining on your own talent rather than looking at the other person. You might not shine in football like your friend but maybe you would be an amazing writer. There is no way that you can compare yourself to other people.

Each and everyone of us has its own story, its own talents and therefore your can only achieve success when looking into your own talents rather to those of your friends & family.

outside or inside fulfillment?

So conclusion is competition necessary? No, just embrace who you are and help each other to be the star they deserve to be. Are you a nurturing and fabulous mother, why should you look at other people. That’s already an incredible talent on its own. You can’t compare yourself to other mothers, you can’t see what is happening in their house and family.

Let’s motivate each other to be at our best! To be inspiring and driven into the things that we truly desire. But if outside fulfillment doesn’t give us the ultimate fulfillment that we are looking for, why do we keep chasing it?

What is really moving you?

I think it is very important to start looking from the inside what is really moving you. Do not compare yourself to others, they have a completely different life path from yours.

Comparison is not the answer. It is sitting in stillness with yourself, finding out who  you really are and what you are capable of. Because we all deserve the best and we do not need to look at other people to achieve success.

Success together with happiness only comes from working from the core of your life purpose. When life is resisting your path, that means it is not the right track for you. When you found your life purpose you will feel life is flowing and you will enjoy working hard for it. If it is working against you and you feeling tells you it is not the right stream to follow, it is best not to chase it.

Be mindful about your inside fulfillment, it can give you a lot of answers about your life. Meditate or just sit still in a quiet environment either in nature or inside. Just write down what comes to your mind staring into nothingness. If nothing comes to your mind, you do not have to write anything down.

Be your unique self – Insight or Outsight fulfillment

The conclusion is, take a look at your wonderful self. You do not need to compare yourself to others, because you are unique as you are just like everyone. There is not a person better or worse than you and keep in mind that we all have a different life path with diverse learning curves.

If we would be all here to learn or teach the same subjects, purpose and we look all the same, it is an obvious boring world to live in. In stead, embrace yourself for who you are. The only one living with yourself is you, so why spend all the time caring about what other people might think about you. Or finding from the outside materials or people that will fulfill you from the inside. That will only temporarily happen, but it won’t provide you with the lasting fulfillment.

Long lasting fulfillment is something we all want to achieve isn’t it? So why not just go for it!

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