Why we often think we are not good enough

This article I wanted to write, because I see it happening all around me. The insecurity, the doubts and negative spirals. Trust me, I have and still am there too! That’s why talking about this subject is so interesting.

Recognition and appreciation

As human beings, we love to be recognized, praised and loved. We love to been seen and appreciated, it is something that everyone wants, even if not admitted. Where does this feeling come from and why do we expect it continuously?

This can be at work, where you would love to be seen or a partner that does not pay attention to you at all. We can drown in our sorrows and create depressions or we step up and create our own happiness.

Appreciation for what we do stimulates us to continue. But if we do not receive it, how can we continue? That is why compliments at work are so important, it makes colleagues stay in a company and keep being motivated. However, what can we do to keep ourselves motivated?

Let’s start with changing our mentality

My favorite of all to say is, what can I change about myself to change this situation? We would love a particular person we like to adore us, or that specific boss to notice our amazing work. In reality, unfortunately, that is not how it works. In our daily routines we can only make sure we do something that makes us happy.

Why we often think we are not good enough

Even though we would like that person to change his or her mind, there is no way it will happen.

We all got our free will coming into this world and therefore, manipulating and waiting for someone to change for you can’t always be achieved. Each of us have our own lessons to be learned, and that is where the focus should be on.

There are exceptions (no doubt!) and please, first be patient and give people a chance before making harsh decision.

If after a while, that particular person cannot seem to notice you, there is no point in trying. If you look out for yourself, it will provide you much more fulfillment than you ever had before! Love the person just as much as before, but you are not fixated to how they respond back to you.

Thinking with our mind (not a good idea)

When we feel this way, we are often thinking with our mind. Our mind wants us to convince that there are many problems happening, while in reality are there really?

The mind (ego) wants us to to overthink about every single situation. It wants us to wonder and wonder and wonder. But do we really want to waste our time wondering over a situation or person that we can’t change?

Why we often think we are not good enough

Why instead we DO embrace the fact that we are good enough and we start focusing on what matters for ourselves.

What makes us grow. Let’s choose the people who do give us compliments and who do want to spend time with us. Wouldn’t that make our lives so much easier? To just follow our hearts and to be non-resistant to everything that is happening.

How to be non-resistant?

When we let life happen and we focus more on ourselves, we can be more picky about what we really want in our lives. When we are at the right frequency with ourselves, the right people will come and if not, just discover that person, have patience and make a decision.

In order to be non-resistant in life, we just have to surf on the waves of life. We just have to think more in the moment and enjoy it.

When we focus too much on our past or future, there won’t be much satisfaction, because there will be always something that you would like to change.

Right now in the moment, there is nothing you have to change, because you are just here, doing what you do when living in the moment. You do not have to think about what to do next, it will come naturally.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be lazy, but it means you are going with the flow of life. Being productive is very likely when living in the moment.

So are we good enough?

So after reading this, would you try to change people’s minds? Or do you decide to go for life as it is. Be grateful for all you have already and live in the moment.

Those are some keys that make your life a better place to live in. YOU have to live in your body and no one else. Be proud of what you have succeeded so far and continue flowing with life.

Let yourself be surprised with all the amazing assets life has to offer. Why live a predictable life when it can be unexpected and self-fulfilling with lots of lessons to learn.

I say GO FOR IT!

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