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Healthy Fruit Salad & Healthy tips for success

Today I made a healthy fruit salad for breakfast or lunch. In this blog section, I show you easy ways on how to prepare vegan meals. What did I use to prepare this delicious dish?

The ingredients used:

– A whole mango
– Half an avocado
– Almonds
– Goji berries
– Walnuts
– Coconut flakes

Why eating healthy is the key to success

Just cut the fruits and put it together on a plate, easier than this is can’t get. Many of us are struggling to prepare healthy meals and find reasons to eat unhealthy. In our habits of life, unhealthy food is having a main character, while if we go back to the roots, our body is asking for what nature has to offer directly.

However, we do not need to make things difficult for ourselves. It is true that mainly cheap products are unhealthy, but when we think about it. Would you rather spend your money on unhealthy habits as smoking, drinking and candies or would you prefer to invest in your future?

No more excuses for bad habits

If we stop making excuses for eating healthy and start creating solutions, you might be surprised. You can start your own organic little garden or you can mix just a few vegetables with rice, potatoes or quinoa. Solutions are there for you to be found.

Do not hold yourself back by excuses. Source will provide you will what your body needs and craves. Eat healthy and sometimes you eat unhealthy because you have the crave. There is nothing bad about it, but as we know everything with TOO before it, is not good.

Food combinations is power!

Yes exactly, you do not have to throw away the vegetables that you were not going to eat anymore. Instead try to combine what you have purchased. Be creative and let your own imagination create whatever is coming up. If it doesn’t taste good, suck it up, next time better. However, often you are a much better chef than you realize. I was a disaster at cooking when I was in school.

Healthy Fruit Salad & Healthy tips for success

Recipes just did not work for me. And here I am teaching you about eating healthy. I discovered I am not a person for recipes, but rather I create. You just have to find your own way in what you like.

Recipes might work amazingly for you! Just do what feels right from the heart and cook and prepare your food with love. I has made a big road before coming into your plate and think about it, it provides you with life and strength. Without food you wouldn’t be able to be so energized. But yes, again healthy food is key to productivity in your days.

Productivity and food match perfectly

Most of us have daily routines and imagine if the food that we are eating are not that healthy. That means that every time we are looking for energy it is not there, simply because lack of vitamins. People complain about wrinkles, lack of sleep and low-energy. But an engine with the wrong gas won’t go forward much either.

What in most cases happens is people start grabbing energy drinks or coffee, which gives us caffeine and makes us restless. After 2 hours, we feel even more tired than before.

After finishing my whole blog and you are still hooked. I dare you to change your lifestyle and buy more healthy products. See in your balance where you can cut out some money and spend it on healthier food. If not, just buy cheaper vegetables. What I have noticed is that the right things always shows up, when you are having good intentions.

I wish you a healthy and happy day with lots of love and happiness.

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