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Quote of the day: “Spread your arms”

This quote hopefully will inspire you to be patient, aware, open-minded, receptive and relaxed.

You are a beautiful soul that came here on earth to learn. Obstacles are there for you to be faced and conquered. They will always be there, instead of avoiding them, just spread your arms and receive them.

Expect great things to happen

Make the best out of what is. Always expect great things to happen to you! If you stay in a negative vibe, you vibrate negative energies and it is more likely that negative things will come your way. If you stay in a positive vibration, you will attract more positivity.

Do not stick to what you want. The best is to make the intention of achievement, then you feel it deeply and then you let it go. Life will happen the way it goes, the best is just to spread your arms and let life show you the way.

Notice the signs around you

Be receptive, see the signs around you as life is sending you these to show you the way. If you see or hear repetitive things, places or words, it is a sign from above. Do not be afraid to make changes in your life and be open to whatever is coming your way.

You can always meditate for more clarity or sit still in nature. Insights will come naturally, without you even knowing it. They come into you mind as a thought or a daydream. Sometimes we take these for granted, but noticing them is so important.

Listen to yourself and what your body is telling you, it gives you all the signs on where to go. Let go of control as most things will not happen as you expect them to be.

Surrender and let go

As the title is saying, please surrender and let go. Dare to dive into the deep. Don’t be afraid of what is coming your way. It is a all new and exiting. You are already so special, like each and every one of us. We do not need to tremendously change. We just need to be our REAL selves.

Quote of the day: "Spread your arms"

It is another challenge to bring along your journey. Just let go and surrender to what is coming. What do you really want in life and what is it you would like to get out of this life time.

These are the main tricks to see which direction suits you. If you do not get lot of resistant about a path chosen, well congratulations, that is the way to go! You are following your path in this life time.

The Mindful Magazine wishes you again good luck and so much love!

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