How to enjoy your life consciously?

With all the pleasures that life has to offer, we wonder what we can do in order to live consciously and have fun at the same time. Most of the pleasures as most see it in this world are related to unhealthy, over excessive habits. Where do we draw the line and why do we see the joy in destroying our bodies.

Is it an escape or are we really having fun when doing so? Alcohol is a very popular example of the pleasure of nowadays. Is it wrong to drink alcohol? Definitely not, however, when over consuming, it could do some serious harm. Are you still happy after 20 wines? Or were you more happy after 2?

Are we escaping reality?

Many times when we are not ready to face something within ourselves. We are looking for constant pleasures to not feel, to not see and to escape the reality that you are facing. Pleasure gives you peaks but also sincere downfalls.

When we balance all that we have, there is less peaks in your life. Is pleasure similar to joy we think? In which moment of your life, you truly felt happy? Where it the moments of pleasure or the moments of true balance, inside joy and/or love. The memories that stay are the ones that were endearing and warm up your heart.

Is fun possible without the pleasures?

Fun is a very general term I would say. What is fun for me, could not be fun for others. In my opinion, it is good to get to know yourself. What makes your heart shine and what kind of hobbies do you love to do.

How to enjoy your life consciously?

Are you an adventurer or are you mostly happy with preparing lunch for your dear friends. Do not fear your joy. Happiness and joy are there for everyone.

There is no such thing as “you do not deserve love and happiness.” Looking back into our childhood is often a good tool to see what made you shine. Were you active, were you doing puzzles? The clues might be hidden just there around the corner.

Find your own creativity

What is creativity for you? Creativity is not just art or painting. Creativity could be anything that makes your mind flow and brings you the satisfaction and happiness that you would like to obtain. For some games, analyzing numbers or gymnastics makes their creativity bloom.

If you cannot think of something specific, I recommend you to go inwards. The only answers you can obtain about yourself is within you. Reaching for outside factors will not provide you with the ultimate answer.

Everyone can provide you with tips, in order for you to think. However, no one can really feel what your intuition is telling you.

Boost your life with healthy food

Healthy food is a great way to boost your energy. Often we see more pleasure on eating unhealthy, but when we finish the meal and we do not feel good, we often regret the meals we took.

Why not, see the pleasure in healthy food. Healthy food can be delicious when created in a proper way. The merge of healthy restaurants has increased tremendously. Take advantage of this phenomenon.

How to enjoy your life consciously?

After this we feel energized and you can decide what kind of activity would make you most happy at that moment. Especially, spiritual people feel often that they have to be serious and look inward and solve all psychological issues. True that’s an aspect of life.

But meeting people, doing fun activities will increase your happiness and overall well-being. You will be surprised how much other people can inspire you as each and everyone of you is a beautiful mirror of yourself. They could show you sides that you haven’t seen before.

Try before you die… too extreme?

Then we have the daredevils, with the extreme form of let’s try before we die. Well, it is true, we all die at one point. Risking your life though, might fasten this pace.

But, nonetheless, if that is what your soul wants to experience, there is not stopping. That accounts for everyone that chooses a certain path. The rush and adrenaline is incredible, and nothing is too crazy. If we are realistic, could we always get to that kind of rush? Or are we also walking away from reality.

A simple meditation could provide you with feelings that you haven’t experienced before. Staying in meditation all the time, is also a choice but prevents you from living life on earth. With all these examples I am trying to say that balance provides knowledge, overall happiness and joy.

“Balance is key to all of life, like yin and yang are perfectly aligned.”

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to look around and see all the beauty. Do not miss out on what is actually there on earth as it has so much to offer. You do not need anything extra to fulfill those feelings.

All you need is already within you, remember that. There is nothing you should fear, nothing you should over consume, just balance and be happy with all you have already. Always wanting more won’t give you the rest and will provide you with peaks of pleasure and depression.

Find your joy, be grateful and dance through life!

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