Why many of us can’t think out of the box

It is a very good question. Why are many of us so afraid to think out of the box? What is the actual fear behind all the fears of doing something that is out of the usual.

Thinking out of the box comes in many forms, for some it comes natural and for other it is a huge obstacle. Why is this?

Are we waiting for a miracle or should we just dive?

Many of us are waiting most of our lives for something to happen. Why good things never happen to me they wonder? All of us have these moments, however, we have our own free will and strength to overcome some of our own obstacles. These are free for us to discover if we want to.

Why many of us can't think out of the box

We tend to compare ourselves to other people, and trust me there is always something to find. We can always find something in someone that they have better than us. On the contrary, they can find things they lack in us. That is how it works. In the end, it is the most important.

Indeed, some of us have sudden luck, but mostly unexpected. Or know the tricks of the law of attraction, which also tells you to let go and hold your thoughts. Some work from your side is usually required, if it is just the part of manifesting.

Stuck in the matrix of life

Many of us are in a routine, and relive it over and over again. When we think of changing our daily routines, we often feel trapped and we feel like we can’t breath. Changes in your life seem like you are climbing to the top of a mountain.

Why do we feel this way? We all seem to be trapped in a system we just simple accept as it is. We live our lives and just work, go home, eat, sleep and get up and do it all over again. It is indeed true that risks in this lifetime is more difficult, as we have to do with a strict money system.

Without money risks are more difficult. But on the other hand, if we never take risks and maybe fall. How do we get up and change the unchangeable, reach the mountain tops and obtain the praise that we are longing for.

How do we get out of the matrix ?

A good question is… how do we get out of the matrix? How do we see beyond? As I am writing this blog, I am one of the people who is able to connect the dots and is able to see beyond, in which I am by far not experienced yet. But the first steps were made.

Why many of us can't think out of the box

Many of us spend so little time in nature, which could be a trigger to see things more clearly. We get caught up in the day to day life of routines. Also we keep each other on the same path of the same thinking and structures. Someone out of the odds, might be seen as strange or people will start to gossip. But deep down, we want to be our unique selves as well.

There is no such thing as strange, as we are all different from each other. We do not have to follow the crowd, but we can be ourselves and explore our natural existence. We need to start questioning, what life is really about and what is really happening around us. In order to really see, we need to see the world through different glasses.

What is our natural state of existence?

When we are going back to our natural state, we need to go back to the roots of our existence. The roots are very well seen in the tribes still. We live in nature, without damaging large scales. We eat fresh from the roots of nature and return respect in return. We listen to our inner feelings and each and everyone has its own task in the tribe. We look at the position of the sun and the moon to indicate “time,” which off course does not exist in reality.

Having supernatural abilities, is it really supernatural? Or is that our natural state? As animals have many more senses than we do, they may not speak. But their intuition and feelings are more developed than ours. We have learned to trust on facts so much, that we forget to go for our “gut” feeling.

Out of the box thinking delivers rewards

When no one of us thinks out of the box, how can there be people who invent our (innovative) products. Do you think that people become successful because of fear and playing safe?

No, in reality the people who are achieving many things in life, they are who they really are. Their unique self, and they are not afraid to show their unique self into the world. Wouldn’t you praise someone for their unique style? This could be anything, as long as it is close to our soul purpose.

Why many of us can't think out of the box

Many of us feel completely stuck, and are not even able to think out of the box. However, the trend of meditation can get you a lot further. Sit in peace in a quiet environment and think. Make art, even though you are not an artist and let it flow on your paper. Start to see your surroundings differently and escape the matrix that we are stuck in. We are not robots or slaves, we are people born with a free will. We can control our lives and we can change things we want to change.

Step out of the fear zone, into the “I dare zone”

Please, start today with out of the box thinking and stop the continuous fear. Why do we fear? What do we have to loose? Make the best out of the lifetime you have, before it’s too late. You do not want to end you life thinking, I wish I did that and that.

You want to think and and think, yes, I did these. O, what a mistakes I made, but it brought me the most rewarding things, I could ever imagine. I dared to do all these amazing adventures and I am now seeing, that it gave me the best lessons and times in my life.

I hope you take some of this in you, so you can start climbing out of the matrix!

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