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How to not fear, fear?

Anxiety, being insecure and fearing all sorts of things. Isn’t that part of our society today. We fear that we are not insured enough (talking especially about the Western world), that we do not succeed in life or we do not have enough money.

But what if we just let go of this fear. Do we actually need to fear the amount we are doing right now? What can we skip if we think about what we fear right now. Fear of being alone, maybe? Fear of not being good enough? What if we face our fears for once and let go of the fear that we hold.

Let’s face our fears

Because who is there to judge us? Aren’t we the captains of our lives? If we just face our fears, life would be so much easier. When we stay in this fear of fearing there is no fast way out. Instead, if you just face your fear and clime that mountain or go to the person you are in love with or any fear you can come up with.

Won’t we feel so proud of ourselves after!?… Definitely yes! There is no way we can enjoy life when we fear all the time. What if we just sit down, breathe, meditate or read and let go of this constant fear. Danger can come in our lives all the time. But what if we miss many things, because we were fearing too much. What a waste that is!

Let’s list up our fears

What do you actually fear? What you can do is write down steps of things you fear. Do you fear talking about your feelings, or you fear certain animals or doing sports. Make a list and write them down.

After that, start summing up what you can do to overcome this fear. Work with your own beautiful intuition as we have them all.
Your intuition knows much more than you think and do not fear to use it.

Start making a list and overcome them by facing them, or burn the paper and let them go. You no longer need fear in your life.

The blog about 7 steps that bring you closer to happiness might be of great help to embrace yourself!

You are so beautiful and valuable. You are unique and there is no one like you. Give yourself a magnificent hug, because you deserve it. Do not fear others judgments, because you are god’s creation, and go only creates love, you just need to find that within you. Remember it!

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