How to easily step out of your comfort zone?

Why is it so difficult to step out of your Comfort Zone, is the big question? Many times in our lives we feel stuck, comfortable or we just simply think that we do not deserve change.

Life is an ongoing process of events happening one after another. Each and every event will bring us a certain lesson that leads us to the next.

Like the stars can’t shine without darkness we have ups and downs. Usually the downs, make us decide to change. Because why change from a situation you are already comfortable with? Sometimes an explosion in our life is needed for us to see, what is the best for our higher purpose.

Fear of Change … or change is not necessary?

Many of us have dreams, and wishes on how our life should turn out. If we ask around, who is close to their dream, there are not many who respond.

However, sometimes we feel one thing but what is actually best for us is another. Everything in our lives is relative. But, if we are not moving and we feel unhappy in the spot where we are, there must be some alarm telling you change is necessary.

How to easily step out of your comfort zone?

Often we stay in unhappy places, because we fear that what is coming to us might be worse.  But in a way, how can it be worse if you are unhappy where you are right now. Sometimes you have to trust the guidance of life.

Comfort zone, what it actually is…

What is our comfort zone? How far can it reach and where do we draw the line? A comfort zone might be different for every person, but in a way it is the zone where we feel comfortable with. Us human we love labeling and therefore, we would like to define where we are.

I am comfortable with my surroundings, my house, my friends, my job. It is important to see, where in your life your actually feel uncomfortable.

Do you really feel comfortable with all these situations, or are you pretending to. Are some just a habit? The awareness of oneself is coming forward once again. Without awareness of ourselves and our feelings, we can not make decisions.

Comfort zone checklist, answer the following questions:

1.   Where do I stand right now?
2.   How do I feel about my life?
3.   Do I want change in my life?
4.   What do I want to keep and what would I like to change?
5.   Who is out of integrity in my life?
6.   Am I following my own desires or others’ desires?
7.   Is my life at the moment, for my highest good?
8.   Do I need help or advice from someone else?
9.   Am I happy with my comfort zone?
10. Am I happy in general with my life?
11. What can I actually change at this moment?
12. What makes me smile? Which moments in life are/ were memorable?
13. What am I good at?
14. What is necessary for me to change?

How stepping out of your comfort zone will help you

Why am I writing this article? It is because, it is sometimes important to step out of your comfort zone. We often stay in a similar situation and there is nothing wrong with that.

But in order to stay awake with oneself, it is important to sometimes come out of what you are comfortable with. Often your comfort zone is related to fear, and when you overcome fear, you feel satisfied and much stronger.

How to easily step out of your comfort zone?

So start with small steps. Are you uncomfortable walking outside alone, then do it! Start today, with small changes. It can already be done by changing your route to work.

These changes will keep your brain and soul awake. Is there a hobby or sport you always wanted to try? Why not just do it? What do you have to lose by starting something different? If you do not like it, you can always step out of it.

Being stuck is not a condition

How to easily step out of your comfort zone?

Often we think when we are stuck that it is a condition. But, in a way you can never be stuck. There are always solutions that will bring you into something else.

If you have a job your are not happy with and you want to change, you can do a small course or study something else. If you feel like you have “no time,” then skip something that is not that necessary.

Turn of the television and do it. We always seem to make up excuses in order to start something. Being safe is one thing, but remember at the end of your life, do you want to say…. “I played safe all my life?”

I am guessing that is not what you would like to be remembered for and I am not talking about huge adventures. I am talking about you and your comfort zone, which is different for each and every person. What frightens me, does not fright another person.

Stick to your own comfort zone when stepping out

As mentioned before, do not look at others. This is about you and your comfort zone. We all have our own lessons to learn and in a way looking at others, will not help us move in life. In stead, see what you can change in order for your happiness to grow.

Do you remember that moment when you were waiting for a roller coaster and you were so nervous to get in, because actually you do not want to go, but you do not want to look silly in front of your friends.

After you went, you felt strong, amazing and like you overcame a huge mountain. The feeling of happiness comes up! Yes….! That is exactly how it feels to overcome your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Are you ready to start today?

If you haven’t done the checklist yet, I think it is about time. The Mindful Magazine only wants what is best for you.

Raising consciousness and happiness on earth is the core of the magazine. Therefore, I encourage you to take small steps and change your life for the better. Look at the situation where you are at right now and see what for you might be options to step out of your comfort zone.

Remember, I am already proud of you by reading this article. It is a step you had to overcome. You are now probably thinking about your next steps, which is exactly what I would like you to do. Congratulations, you are one step closer to your life purpose & happiness! Be aware and see the world around you. Do not spend your life asleep, as it would be a waste! We are alive, think about that!

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