How to intuitively pick the right gemstone?

Some of us are aware of it, some just see gemstones as regular stones and some are huge collectors. Whatever reason you have for collecting gemstones, if it really has magical powers, it wouldn’t work to have them.

Gemstones has been worn in jewelry for over centuries and provides you with some beautiful colors. You can think of any color and there is a gemstone of it. Did we ever think why gemstones are here on earth?

How is it possible such beautiful colors are there just randomly. Why are we taking such beauty for granted (not talking about all of you).

The colors of the gemstones and healing

As said before, gemstones are found all over the world. Each and every color possesses a certain healing area. Mainly most of the gemstones are related to the chakras.

Just to make the process easier, I gave you the colors of the gemstones together with the chakras and some examples of the names. However, the colors are easier as it is impossible to remember all sorts of gemstones.

How to intuitively pick the right gemstone?

Healing the root chakra (Red)

The root chakra is very much related to red stones, as the root chakra stands for the color red. You can use Red Jasper or Red Calcite to lay them upon your lower back or just above your genitals on the forefront. Other gemstones you could use are grounding stones, which present the color brown.

You can think of picture jasper or hematite. Grounding stones can help you stand with both feet on the ground,  when you feel like you can’t stand up for yourself or you are just with your thoughts in the air.

The root chakra stands for family, your base, passion and finances. The stones with the colors, brown and red can help you ground in these situations. You could use black color as well for overall protection like obsidian.

Healing the sacral chakra (Orange)

Do you need more creativity in your life? Do you embrace your masculinity more than your femininity? And this doesn’t qualify just for women, but also for men as both energies need to be balanced.

Recommended gemstones for this chakra are the carnelian stone and orange calcite. Off course there are many more, but just to provide you with an example.

Orange gemstones can help you aid with sexuality issues and can restore your emotional balance. Another option is the moonstone, which is see through white and stand for the feminine and as the stone says, the moon.

If your emotional balance is not at it’s best or blocked, you can use the
moonstone.  You can find the area on your womb or belly and just above your lower back.

Healing the solar plexus (Yellow)

The solar plexus is yellow and stand for intelligence, power and vitality. If you are a bit lazy or lacking to see the fun or energy of life, you can use yellow stones to increase these abilities.

Citrine and yellow sapphire could increase your energy levels to the top. An overactive solar plexus can create rather arrogance and a big ego, which we also do not wish for.

Yellow and golden stones are recommended for this chakra. You can find this on the area of your stomach and in the middle of your back.

Healing the heart chakra (Green/ Pink)

The heart chakra involves everything with your feelings, intuition and relationships. Your heart tells you what you really want. Is your heart blocked because of past pains, then healing this chakra would be a recommendation. The colors for the heart are green and pink.

How to intuitively pick the right gemstone?

Examples of gemstones that could heal your heart are rose quartz and emerald. You can lay them on your heart or on the back between your shoulder blades. Your heart guides you and therefore, it is very important to have it open. It is also easier to receive and give love when it’s open.

Healing the throat chakra (blue)

Speaking up, telling the truth and communicating in general is the main deal of the throat chakra. The gemstones that come along with this chakra are usually blue in different shades.

Lapis lazuli and angelite are stones which aid you in speaking. When it is blocked you often suffer from throat pains or coughs.  You can also wear a necklace that will provide you with the right energies. The color turquoise is recommended as well, especially if you want to talk more clear.

Healing the 3rd eye (Indigo)

The 3rd eye is however a different story. These can take different kind of colors. The color of the chakra is indigo, but as it has to do with tapping into your (higher) wisdom, creativity and visualizations you can use more colors and higher rated stones. You can use amethyst which is a purple glittering stone, crystal quartz or fluorite.

Healing the crown chakra (violet)

Not last but least, the one that is mostly difficult to put on spot, is the crown chakra. You can lay the stone just above your head when laying down against the middle point of your head. The color related to your crown chakra is violet. This chakra connects you to ideas, the higher self and the balance of life.

Usually all purple, violet, lila and see through stones will do just well for your crown chakra. Examples of gemstone could be ametrine, celestine and lavender jade.

How to intuitively pick your gemstone in the shop?

When you do not have any experience with gemstones, or when you do, but you do not remember all healing properties, you can intuitively choose your stone.

Sometimes we do not know specifically what we need for a certain time in our lives.

We do not have a clear issue, disease or problem in our lives. In this case when choosing a gemstone in jewelry or loose gemstone, you can let yourself be lead. You do not need to have a trained intuition, in order for you to pick the right gemstone for you.

Which gemstone are you drawn to?

Where your eyes are drawn to first, that is the stone you need. The fun game is to choose one and then look up in the gemstone book (which they usually have in gemstone shops) to look up the meaning behind it. And guess what, you will receive the stone that you needed exactly at that moment.

No doubt about it! If you are still not convinced about the healing properties, or you are just not able to feel the energies coming from the gemstones, there is no harm in just wearing them.

Choose wisely, because if you pick the wrong one, or one with too much energy for you, it might give you some headaches. But, do not underestimated the universe, it might just break your gemstone or jewelry or as the mysterious myth, they might disappear in other dimensions. And between us, that really did happen to me, it vanished into nothingness.

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