How to go deeper in meditation?

In a way, we do not need to prepare in order to meditate, but there are a few things you could do in order for your surroundings to be calmer, more uplifted and warm. Meditation will help you to silence the chatter in your mind and is the key to acknowledge your success.

A few additional things you can do before meditating:

1. Light a candle

When you light a candle, you are inviting good energies into the house. Light attracts light. If you are not sure if you are in the right mood to meditate, then this will surely help.

Besides, attracting light, a candle spread warmth around. Any candle will do and the more you lighten, the more you will feel your surroundings become calmer.

How to prepare and go deeper into meditation?

2. Light an incense

Before you meditate, light an incense. Besides the really good smell you will feel a bit more drowsy. You will go into a deeper meditation more easily.

Choose a smell that suits you. If you feel it is too strong for you, choose another one. Do not put the incense too close to you as it might be distracting you during your meditation.

3. Pick a crystal

When you have lighted your candle and the incense, you are ready to pick a crystal or crystals. How are you feeling in the moment?

What is happening in your daily life? You can look for a crystal according to how you feel if you have a crystal book at hand. However, your intuition already knows what you need.

You can pick a crystal according to what your intuition tells you. And when you would look it up later, it would be exactly what you need.  Some of us do not have crystals at home, do not worry it is not a necessary tool, it could aid you in what you want to reach in your deep meditation. Crystals send certain vibrations out, that you could bring along into your meditation.

4. Find a comfortable position

You can meditate anywhere. Find a place that is comfortable to you, most likely it will be in your home. Which spot in your house feels the safest and most warm for you?

That is the spot where you need to meditate. You can sit in a lotus position (for the more advanced), or you can just grab a chair and sit straight on it, with both feet on the ground.

Do not sit cross-legged and make sure your back is straight, no matter what position sitting down. By this manner, the energies can flow into your spine.

How to prepare and go deeper into meditation?

You could lay down in your bed, but that can only be done if you are able to meditate in a sitting position. Often meditating when laying down, reminds the person of sleeping, and that is not what we want to reach here, unless you meditate before you go to sleep.

5. Set an intention

You can set an intention before you go into your meditation. What is it you can work on right now? What do you wish for?

What would you like to change? All these things can be taken into account when setting your intention. The intention can be set for yourself, but you can also set it for others.

6. Add some meditation music or follow a guided meditation

There are people that prefer to meditate in silence, but some prefer some music on the background. Make sure it is meditation music or something that calms you down.

If you have trouble sitting still, or just do not know how to go into meditation a little deeper, than you can follow a guided meditation.

Luckily, there are so many wonderful people out there, who have freely recorded guided meditations. Pick one you like and this can go together with the intention you are setting for yourself.

7. Breathe in breathe out

When you are in a stressed situation or you do not feel calm, do not worry. There are a few techniques that will slow your heart raise down. What I usually do is breathing from the lower belly.

Control your breathing in a slow manner. If that does not work, hold your breath for 6 seconds and let is slowly go. Repeat this until you have your breathing under control.

A deeper meditation is possible, when you have your breathing under control. Breathing up from the chest won’t get you into the deeper meditation that you would like to go.

8. Let go of everything around you

You have a lot of things to do, I get that. However, when you are in your meditation, it is the time that is just surrounded around you. If you have things that you need to do, do it before or write it down for later.

You will have enough time to do it. Do not limit yourself into thinking that you need to do it now at this moment. All the time in the world is there just for you.

Relax your whole body, start from the top of your body till your toes, or the other way around. Make sure all your muscles are relaxed and numb. Nothing needs to be done at this moment, while you are meditating. Let go of what is holding you back, from reaching your higher purpose.

9. Discover blockages

While you are meditating, your body is very relaxed. Pay attention to the parts, that have a very difficult time letting go. Your body speaks to you on many levels. If you have a blockage, which mostly occur within the chakras, then focus on that chakra. Read here the meanings and colors of the chakras.

There blockages, will tell you more about what you can change about yourself in your real life. And by changing, I mean… come closer to who you really are. Some blockages prevent you from being your true self. And off course I am here to help you discover, which ones they really are.

10. Avoid inner chatter

After these 9 steps, you are ready to start your meditation. There are many techniques and tricks out there. However, in the end it is just the trick to avoid your inner chatter and calm your mind.

The best ideas and innovations come in when you are in tune of who you are. This happens when you have control of the chatter that keeps telling you what to do. While you already know what you need to do.

How to prepare and go deeper into meditation?

This inner chatter is not part of you, it is trying to make you think negatively, but you are a being of love. And love is what we aim for. Love will bring us far. Love is what drives us.

I wish you good luck, I think you are ready right now to go into a deeper meditation. Do not hesitate or think you are not capable of something. Because you are ready already!! I can’t say it enough. You are the hero of your own life.

Much Love to you!

28 thoughts on “How to go deeper in meditation?

    1. Dear Ursula!

      How amazing that you are interested in meditating.

      I found learning how to breathe from the lower belly and learning how to sit still (the very basic tricks) the best to go into transcendental or deep meditation.

      However, if you have kids around, I would just suggest sitting still with the eyes open. If you have another person in the house watching your kids (or maybe a visitor), you have all the time to dive deep. Depending off course on the age of the children! Sounds around you should not be able to disturb you, focus on the breathing and you will see how easy it goes.

      I wish you good luck with this, everyone can achieve diving into a deep meditation. It will bring so much more rest and clarity. Besides that, who knows it brings you important messengers.

      Have a beautiful day and if you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

      Much Love, ~

      The Mindful Magazine

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