Money and success are not the enemy, 7 reasons why….

How many times you think that a certain life style is not suited to your likening, or you think it is just simply impossible. This blog is made to change your attitude towards the world.

There is many people out there who have only one obstacle of achieving their true potential: “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy.” You could think that if you earn a certain amount of money that you are egocentric. Money and success are not the enemy.

You can view money or a particular life style from another perspective. Many of the spiritual crowd out there think that earning money is evil. In other ways you feel like you can’t really ask a lot of money or you do not want to work in environments that hurt your feelings or feel wrong.
However, life has a plan for you and why not follow the best path possible for you? Follow a few steps in order to increase your best potential of creating a better life for yourself and others.

1. Make your wish list

Everyone of us are gifted with certain talents. Non of us are born without any. Feeling that you do not have a special purpose in this life means that you have not discovered your skills yet. In these days of extreme stress and busy schedules, it is hard to find what you are truly meant to do. There are a few ways to find your purpose, you can check the signs around you.

Money and success are not the enemy, 7 reasons why

Are there people naming repetitive things to you, are you getting the same kind of compliments? Do you see signs with the same words around you. It is time that you start paying attention to the world around you.

You can do meditation or sit in peace with yourself. Be extremely bored and have too much time to think. It is a difficult process but it will provide you with the most rewarding situations and thoughts. What makes you special and what do you have to offer. I am curious to know. Please make your wish list of things that you want in order to make your life complete. Do you want a family, a partner, a job, a beautiful house?

2. Setting realistic goals

Now you have clear what you would like to achieve in your life.  In order to get where you want to go…. how do you get there from where you are right now? Being a millionaire is possible, but don’t you rather do something that is close to the heart. You can still make a good amount of money with your true skills, even more than you think.

Write down the exact and realistic times that you would like to obtain these goals. The more specific you are, the better the universe can make it happen. This does not mean you can sit on your ass and it will be delivered at your doorstep. You have to step into the mood of getting where you want to be, and with the energy you invest into your dreams, it will eventually come back.

3. Stop making excuses

There is no need to feel guilty or to prevent yourself from the good life that you and everyone deserves. This is not set for only a few people. This is set for everyone that is open to receive the gift of the universe.

When you see money as the enemy you will never receive it and at the same time, you are missing out on actually helping people. Have you thought about the fact that you can help many, many people around you when you have a good amount of money in your pocket.

Money and success are not the enemy, 7 reasons why

I am not talking about making money the wrong way. I am talking about making money in the most honest way possible. Besides guilt, there could be many other reasons why you think that you can’t fulfill the successes that should be assigned to you in the first place. Are you afraid to be a parent? Because you think you can’t succeed. Won’t you regret this decision in the end of your life. Listen to what you truly want and even though you have doubts, just pursue what you feel is right for you.

A little anxiety is healthy and it will give a tremendously good feeling when we have overcome our fear. There are many reasons why you should not do something, but there are even more reasons why you should not do it. Yes, it might take up some of your time, but you will love to do it because it is close to the heart.

4. Read your goals out loud and believe that it truly can happen

Most of you are familiar with the law of attraction. Believe true miracles can happen. You can do the inner work and dig deep into your feelings. Then when you have the goals set for yourself and you stop making excuses it is time for the true manifestations of your dreams.

I have a whole post-it wall with all my goals and I look at them a few times a week. I say the goals like I have already reached them. I have a new car, I have the …. job, I have the perfect soulmate he or she looks like…. is like…

Do you get where I am getting at? You can also draw your dreams or make a mood board. The whole idea is that you start to feel that what you wish for is truly possible.

If not at the beginning it will feel like you will achieve it after a while. You brainwash yourself in the right way as you were brainwashed that you were not capable of certain things. You are the magician of your own life, that is the whole secret of it all. You can decide how you want to live your life and the best results are met when it is something close to the heart.

5. Patience is virtue

Many of you, especially the younger generation want to achieve things today and rather yesterday. This is not how life works, if you would have done everything in one go, what else do you have to live for? Isn’t it time to put effort into your willingness to success and to work on what you want. If you put your energy into a certain project or wish, you most likely fail a few times or you have to do some research on the matter.

Money and success are not the enemy, 7 reasons why

This will take some of your time, but it is most fulfilling when you have accomplished your wish, especially by hard work. When we get things so easily we do not tend to appreciate it as much as we would with hard work. For me personally, having a job is something that I always just take for granted, I am naturally a hard worker so I do not really think about it until I was without a job.

When you reach a point of your low, you re- evaluate your life and you start being more grateful with what you have. I was so much more happy to obtain a new job and my power was double driven. Do not expect things to happen over night, but rather do it with your full energy and after this, you wait for the amazing results, it usually happens when you least expect it.

6. Follow the guidance of life

We tend to want to control our situations, as we do not want to do particular things, because they do not might seem for you or you feel uncomfortable with it. In the spiritual sector/ industry, many of you want to do honest work and want to help people at the same time. If this is your wish, sometimes the universe has a different way of bringing you there.

I myself, work in Igaming, an industry that is not always the most straightforward one. However, this industry has learned me skills like SEO, content writing and marketing. These skills made me set up The Mindful Magazine. It might be that things seem wrong to you, but if everything happens for a reason, is there ever a wrong choice?

Just let go and ride the waves of your guidance. If you get a job somewhere there is a reason for it. Even if it is a job that you do not like, it might teach you things as perseverance, strength or simply patience.

Some jobs pay better, but you do not particularly like it so much. These jobs pay your bills and make you save money for your true dreams. Believe that good things can happen to you and enjoy the process of getting there. We are here to learn on earth and it is not supposed to be easy. We are all in the same boat peepz!

7. Do great things with your money and success!

Yes, you made it to point 7. You have reached your goals and you are ready to rock the world. With this money and success you are able to do good things in this world.

There are several ways you can use this power, but you can choose to use it for the good. You can start organizing clean-ups to save the world, you can do a course that you always loved to do, you can set up your own business or whatever suits you. Do not be shy about it, just be humble and rock it!

Hard work does pay off and the closer you are to your true self, the more you will discover your true qualities.

Money and success magnet

You are now a magnet to money and success. Stop resisting yourself from your true potential in life. I believe you can do it and if you believe it too, that is all that matters. There are no limits to your possibilities. Just listen to your heart, because the more you are in alignment with your true self, the more opportunities will come your way. Your chances of succeeding are much higher.

Good luck my dear friend and fellow soul of planet earth. I wish you all the best in becoming your own dream.

Much love as always,

The Mindful Magazine

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