Are you aware of your impact in the world?

Sometimes we feel so small and tiny in this giant world called earth. We feel even tinier in the universe. You might feel that your impact does not matter or you are not able to influence anything. This is certainly not true. Everything we do, even how small has some imprint on the universe.

Do you take care of the planet? Are you taking care of yourself and do you pursue kindness in the environment around you? Do you ever question yourself and understand what kind of impact you can have on planet earth? I am here to tell you that you do have a great influence. Let’s start with some steps towards a better world.

1. Start with yourself and your own awareness

Number one is you. The first step towards a better world is to be aware of your own self. Am I happy with who I am at this moment? Is there something that you could improve or some talent that you are not showing to the world? If you are not happy with who you are, what can you do to change it? If you love yourself you send this energy into the world.

I hear many people who are complaining about the horrible situations in the world and they get stuck in frustration. The political world is unfair, they should change something, or they want people to change around them. Let me tell you a secret, waiting for others to make an impact, is to wait for a train on an abandoned train station.

Are you aware of your impact in the world?

Have you ever realized that you have more inner power within you to change things than you can imagine. There is a drive within all of us that can be awakened.

Did you know The Mindful Magazine is a one-man show. Just me. I have managed to reach an audience with my blogs, which makes me feel like I have a great impact and provides me with happiness! I am sending some good energies in the world and I am not expecting anything in return. It does not even have to be immensely large.

When you are in tune with who you are and you are happy with yourself you reflect that to other people. You will lighten up the people around you and they alike will start to glow and send out this light to others. It is like a domino effect. When you raise your children well and with awareness about themselves, you achieved a great deal.

2. Let’s stop environmental pollution

We live in a world with plastic, CO2 emissions and a lack of fresh organic food. We often take for granted in the Western world that we get everything we need.

The one thing we can do is to return our appreciation of all the luxuries that we have. Let’s not throw garbage on the streets but rather keep it with you until you see a bin. Furthermore, we can divide our wastes and make sure part of it can be recycled again.

Sometimes we need to be awakened to the reality and understand that we would like a clean and good world for our future or current younger family members.

You do not have to invent the next top organization of environmental cleanups, but you could do this in your own near environment. When we give into the universe, we get it back. It is like when you invest time into a project, it will come back to you in any form.

Take care of your body by eating healthy and vibrate on a higher level. When we do this, we are making larger changes than we think. You can educate your kids to be responsible and to teach them how important it is to take care of earth. We are their great example and if we show them well, they will follow into those footsteps.

3. Meditation to achieve a higher vibration

Many say meditating is not their thing, well that is fair! However, it is the only way to calm the inner chatter and to bring out the best of your personality. Meditation makes us reflect on ourselves and our behavior to others. It makes us see our true skills and our effect on others.

When we become aware of who we are we can be the best version of ourselves, which leads us to better things and makes us a greater influence than you think. It is time to step up and change something, small or large, you have the power in hands.

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If you do not like to meditate, you can just sit with your eyes open or you can be in nature and connect to yourself. If we surpass our own nature, we surpass our true chances in life. When we are receptive to things around us, we can catch up on the opportunities that present themselves. When we meditate together we are more powerful than we think, and we can only go against the darker things in life with light and peace.

4. Surround yourself with inspiring people and situations

Read inspiring books, watch amazing documentaries and surround yourself with people that enlighten you and accept you for who you are. When we are uplifted, we can make changes. Staying in a negative vibe can’t make us help anyone. You have to take care of yourself first. With a positive attitude you can make a difference.

The news is sometimes good to see in order for us to be grateful for what we have. However, watching misery every single day can lead us to anxiety and stress. We feel like we are under attack every day and we are not even sure if it is true. Be grateful for what you have and do not take your good life for granted.

There will always be someone around you who will have more than you. So what, they will have other problems to resolve. What your attitude could be is…. how can I get there too?

How can I be the best version of myself and make MY dreams come true without impacting the environment. We often can take the life the wrong way, or we take the stairs which is probably more exhausting and difficult but your pride is lasting.

I could write so many more things about the impact of us in the world. But I leave the thinking up to you now. I thank you once again for reading my blog post and I wish you all the best with everything you do. I am proud already.

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