Poem: “The Beginning of Times”

The beginning of the creation of all
Questions that arise over so many years, decades and life times
Who am I and why am I here?
A planet full of surprises, do we entail any truth?
Once upon a time, life was easy
Spending time with the goddess of nature
Adoring the truth of what is

Today it is about grasping
We know, you know…. but really do you?
Is there a meter of truth in all the ancient stories that have been told?
Reaching for parameters of society
The loudest forms of attention and rules step up
The wrongs and rights got it all mixed up

but here we are right now
Our planet is crying and no more trees are growing
Moving forward to our truth, the truth of destruction
Comfort is keeping the pollution alive
Preventing any growth and more detachment
Oneness is a myth and part of the forgotten
All that is around us speaks, but how much do we really see?
Are we at the end of it all or the beginning of times?
Make your choice, because now is the time

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