Poem: The entitlement of polarities

Who am I?
Always wondering if I am good or bad
What will others think of me?
Periods of restlessness
The light is so bright and then running out of batteries
Calm seas turn into storms and stress
Suddenly the clouds appear
The vision becomes blurry
Anxiety on the surface

What happened to the climate?
Uncontrollable nature that changes like the wind
Clarity is nowhere to be seen
Until I accept….accept who I am
Sitting still and flying with the wind
The wind brings different conditions
Staying in the dark of non-acceptance
Leaving the self behind

Control your wings and let go
Behind the clouds there is a golden opportunity
Ready to be captured
Seize the moment and be grateful
Never been so happy to see the strays of light
Clear thoughts and the inner wheel strives
Yes I am ready, take me where I belong
Now I understand the entitlement of polarities
I am complete

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