Increase your luck by self-awareness

I am never lucky, many say! Why do bad things always happen to me? It is a phenomenon we all go through sometimes. It is just not fair, when comparing to other people. Why are they so lucky and I am always experiencing negative situations over and over again.

Talking this way, is a number one reason of attracting unfortunate situations as you keep repeating and telling the universe how unlucky you are, then they can only answer you by giving just what you ask for.

The second one is that in some way you are not fulfilling your life purpose, because you are not in the right mindset to find it.

And third it is because you are going through the lessons that you need to learn in order for you to move on. If everything was fortunate, how could you possibly build up any strength?

The inner power to drive you into the life purpose that you need to fulfill, you mostly obtain by having unlucky situations.

Steps of self-awareness

This might require a pen and paper in order for you to answer the questions. It could also be that your brilliant brain provides you with the answer right away and you will not forget.

1. How lucky am I really? Stop comparing.

You are looking at other people and you feel like you are left out. But are you really? Think about all the wonderful things that you do have in your life. Do you have a roof over your head?

Are you hungry? Do you have time to sleep? If you have more than these basic principles, you are lucky already. Besides that, if you have amazing friends, your love, great family and a beautiful hobby.

Increase your luck by self-awareness

You are more than lucky. We tend to lean on the negative and forget to see the positive. We tend to look at others, and they might just be in a lucky period right now, because they just overcame their obstacles of life. We all have obstacles at some point. It is your attitude of life that creates it!

2. What is blocking my luck? Remove blockages.

What am I doing in order to block my real luck? Is there something in life that you are not ready to admit to yourself? In a way you are the creator of your life, so you know what makes you happy and what needs to be fulfilled in order to be so.

Stop hiding behind a facade that is not who you really are. You can wait for happiness to fly to you, but in reality, it can only arrive when you allow it. Some people are in their comfort zone of being unhappy. This is a way to prove their ego they are right. You see? I am not happy.

Increase your luck by self-awareness

You envy others for their adventures in life. You almost blame them for their actions. Because really…. these people are simply lucky. But I can tell you. The answer is wrong. They found a way to manifest their desires, they found a way to execute their dreams. To live their lives the way they want to and some of you are disturbed by that.

We are all human beings with fears and insecurities. If you realize we are all the same, you have the key of understanding that you can choose who you want to be or become. Right here, right now.

3. Why am I not getting what I want? Start being grateful.

It is something that is repeated over and over again. But generally people that are happy with what they have and where they are right now. These are the people that attract more abundance and more happiness.

More things are not needed for them to succeed. However, by being satisfied, they created an energetic space within themselves to allow more. Right! Start smiling more and enjoy life. How hard can it be. As hard as you make it!

4. Am I listening to my intuition? Start tuning into yourself.

We love the life of being a logic person. We need our logic for organizing, for our finances and for cleaning our house. We do not need our logic for our feelings.

Thinking with the head and monkey mind is a daily journey for many. The mind can’t feel what you want, you heart can. You need to start listening to your heart’s desires, so you can become more lucky and satisfied with yourself and your life.

I suggest you to start listening to your intuition. We all have the skills to do so. It is not even a skill as we have the ability naturally within us. That is why meditation is so important, to clear you mind from all the clutter. The blockages and things you do not need anymore. Let you intuition come true, and start living like the person you want to be.

5. Stop the bullshit, start today.

Harsh words, from a mindful person. Many do not even notice I am mindful. I live my life like any other person. I go to my 40 hour job, I do sports, I go out and write this blog for you! Being mindful does not mean, sit in meditation for hours and find yourself.

Increase your luck by self-awareness

Being mindful is knowing who you are, and who you want to be in life. I am very much in tune with my guides and higher self, but at the same time I am not praying all day. I do things the way my heart wants it. I love dancing, going on holidays and helping people. I want to make people laugh by being silly and be good at what I love to do.

This blog is not meant for you to be super duper “spiritual.” It is about cutting the bullshit you are telling yourself to be. It is about finding your true self. Stop listening what others have to say. Loose your fears, they are bullshit too.

We are all having the same destiny here on earth.  So why do you not start today with finding your purpose. For who would you stop being your true self? You draw your limits, you feel what is right for you and no one can stop you from doing so. No more lying, no more dishonesty against others and yourself. It is time to embrace truth.

6. Embrace your truth!

Again, embrace YOUR TRUTH! You are worth being here, like anyone else. We are not here to be perfect. We are here to get to know yourself and others. I know life is not always easy. But hopefully, my articles will provide you with some basic understandings of your power.

You are beautiful, yes you are! You are unstoppable and live your dreams. Like you know how to. Being self-aware is not easy, but it is a new way of living, do this self-awareness test and see how self-aware you are.

Have a blissful day!

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