Embrace your dark side and move on

This is a sensitive subject. But I want to get into that anyways. Because I am not afraid to talk about the dark side of us humans. It is time to embrace our dark side and move on.

As we all know, we live in a world of polarity. There is light and there is dark and there are areas in between. We have good sides and bad sides, we have perfections and imperfections. However, with this knowledge, we still tend to avoid all the weaker points we have and continuing with them blindfolded.

1. Take off the blindfold and see

In some areas in our life we wear a blindfold. Sometimes it is better not to look into the sensitive parts. The parts we do not like about ourselves and others do not like about us. If we decide to take it off, we might feel this like a knife stabbing. It will shake our emotions and it might lead to a small depression.

Embrace your dark side and move on

But, if we do not face it, there will be a huge disruption in our lives, that will force us to see. It might have a much larger impact on us then the few depressive days. I am writing this sensitive article, because I would like you to dare to dig into yourself.

To get to know yourself completely, and to get rid of the fear that we possess. Don’t you want to feel lighter in life and remove the burdens that you carry? I am your guide, I am here to help you. This blog is designed for you to overcome your fears and to come closer to the person you truly are. Let’s not stay in denial, but rather set ourselves free.

2. Prepare, in order to face your true self

We were not on this planet if we were perfect. My (spiritual) experiences are inspirations for writing this blog. I am very lucky to have great guides with me that help me create this blog.

Embrace your dark side and move on

I am here to help and to show you that it is OKE to make mistakes. You are not perfect, you are human, you are here to learn. Do not be afraid to feel, and to get hurt. Do not miss on opportunities coming your way and be kind to others. In order to embrace your dark side, it is important you become aware of who you are.

3. Recognize the repeating patterns in life

What is repeating in your life? What are your vicious circles? Who are you fooling? Yourself or others?

You need to recognize, what are your repeating patterns in life. These are key to your lessons. Why is this always happening to me? RIGHT?! That’s exactly where you need to go to.

Do not look at what the others did wrong, but look at what you could have changed. Be prepared, and when it comes again you can change the situation. If you need to be stricter, do so! If you need to loosen up, do so. The repetitive patterns happen for a reason.

Embrace your dark side and move on

Yes, we might have done things “wrong.” But if we do not recognize this dark side of ours, we keep getting the same misery over and over again. Off course, when you have figured it out, there will be new lessons. Anyways, we are here to grow and to become a better person. No time for walking life blind-folded. Instead, feel and embrace life.

4. Feel everything or feel nothing

We can choose to turn off our feelings, this is often what happens in a depression. In order to not face anything, we cut off our feelings completely. This means, you also can’t enjoy life, laughter and love. Why not become vulnerable, strong and enjoy every minute of life.

Yes, there will be a few days that are confronting you with your dark side, your lesser side and your unhappy side. SO WHAT, there are also moments you feel intense happiness and you are grateful for every bit you receive. And yes, I said it many times, being grateful brings you more of what you even wished for. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might….. well you know what I mean here.

5. Face your fears, what are you afraid of?

What are you most afraid of? Within yourself or others. The best medicine and key to happiness is to overcome your fear. Because, how powerful does it make you to actually overcome the fear that you had nightmares of but you did it anyway.

Embrace your dark side and move on

Make a bucket list of fears. Internal and external fears. Is it a relationship you fear? Is it heights you fear and write down why. The why is so important. This is the reason of the whole fear. Often fear come from your past or they are just there.

You might fear death or rejection. It can be anything. Try to think for yourself how you can work on this. And after this, you are on your way of embracing your dark side, your fears and everything unknown. We all have the same destiny, we all have lessons are we are all here for a reason. We are all special and all are amazing by just being.

6. Start a long-lasting relationship with yourself

You have done the previous steps, and I am sure that was not easy to do. However, isn’t it great to be with yourself and feel completely comfortable. Often we book our schedules so full with other things that we forget to be with ourselves, or we do not want to be.

It can be confrontational and difficult to see who you really are. But, if you managed to face it all, and you worked on it, you can be in peace. You do not have to look for outside factors, filling up the empty gap of love. You have to accept yourself from ALL that you are. The good and the bad, and if you do this you are ready for deep relationships, friendships and bliss.

I know it is very difficult to face yourself, but I also know that you can do it. It might take time, but will and a small start is already worth a million. Self-development will lead you to happiness and peace. It will bring more than you ever thought you could have. You will become a rich person at heart, and that’s all we need.

Have a blissful day and embrace your dark side! Don’t stay in denial, but open your being to (self-) awareness.

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