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“The future of humankind”: poem

Yesterday, I was making notes and suddenly a poem came up. I felt like I wanted to share this poem with you:

Love will happen
Community is strong
Make no mistake, love conquers all
Bribing, it is what humans do
No manipulation conquers love
Beauty is among us
Crying to the moon
Reaching for heights
Striving for consciousness
Beauty exists

Strange faiths brought together,
for the purpose of one
Systematic crave
Craving power, craving destruction
Alter the most out of possibilities
Do no scare the crowd, encourage them

Fortune is vivid, allowed and endeared
Crawling back to life they say easy it is,
Easy it will be, when faith on the right place
Strangers are not strange,
Illuminating opportunities come your way
Miles away it seems, but the truth of time will be revealed
Lies no longer exist
No more crying for the unknown
This is the year 2065

Aching for love. No endings begin
No place to hide
You search for madness
Madness does not occur
Seek all that is open
Seek allowance and bravery
Beauty comes to the surface
No more fear
Just be

Thank you for ready my poem and I wish you a beautiful day. May love arise and the future be bright!

2 thoughts on ““The future of humankind”: poem

  1. Very inspiring poem that speaks to the human condition. The self perpetuating destruction that lies in the future of mankind. Very well written poet. I commend thee…..

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