9 Steps to transform your negative lifestyle into a positive one!

We just live, we do not think, we just do what is told and that’s it. Why are so many of us accepting this kind of lifestyle. We let people talking us down, we let ourselves be led by other people. Do you not feel that you want a change in your life? In this blog I write some steps down on how to change your lifestyle in a more positive one.

Bright personalities and the search for happiness

Are we all not searching for happiness? It is something that is our heart’s desire. We want to go through life smiling and feeling amazing. Sometimes you see these bright and shining personalities and there is two ways how people respond to that. One is that we want to be around that person, because gosh, what a bright star.

9 Steps to transform your negative lifestyle into a positive one!

We feel better when we are around these personalities. We almost want to be around them 24/7. The other way people tend to respond is a form of hate. It could feel like jealousy or an arousing in your body. Why is that person so happy, and I cannot seem to find my way in life.

9 steps closer to a transformation

The following steps I make for all of you. The bright personalities to keep shining as you do, the ones who look for happiness in others and the ones who are angry at the world for lacking of something unknown.

Transformation comes with perseverance, focus and enthusiasm… so yes you heard me well. You got work to do here!

Step 1: Analyze

Analyze everything you would like to change in your life. What is it about life that you do not like at the moment. What do you keep seeing in others what you do not have? Are you in charge of your life? If not, it is time to do so. Write down everything you would like to change.

Step 2: The reason

Now, big question. Why haven’t you changed all of these negative things in your life before? What is the reason you just accept things as it is? If you take away all the excuses, what can you do in your power right now to change things?

Step 3: Your wishes

Now you have analyzed what you can change and the reason that the change didn’t happen yet, we can continue to step 3. Let go for a minute of all that is happening in your life. Now I want you to write down, everything that you wish you happen or you wish to be. Nothing is too crazy, write down your true desires and be specific about it.

Step 4: Meditate & think

Lot of writing and thinking is happening. I say its a great thing. You are starting to analyze your life. Have you actually done that before? It is of such importance to do so! Alright, in this step I will give you a minute to think. The rest we will continue in the following steps. Now I just want you to sit down in nature or meditate as long as you wish. Quiet your mind and see what is coming in. Be inspired, any new ideas, write it down after!

Step 5: Perspectives

Now you have come back to the steps, I want you to see things from a different perspective. We see many things from our own egoistic mind, and that is normal. But I want you to take a step out of yourself and see the perspective from above.

Why are these negative habits happening in your life? Where does it come from? Is it really someone else’s fault or is there something you can do about it. Maybe negative situations were there to make you stronger, and realize that you are the person you are today because of that. Your reality is different from other people’s reality. Think about it!

Step 6: Your surroundings vs. you

Are you really feeling well in your skin? Do you seem to attract negative people in your life? I can tell you a secret. Some of the people in your life are a lesson however, everyone you meet is a mirror of yourself. If you meet lots and lots of negative people (not talking about family) then please take a look in your mirror and see what it is that attracts these people. Everyone is a reflection of yourself.

Step 7: Friendships

Are the people in your life at the moment really genuine? Who is there for you and who is not? Are you showing compassion to other people? Think carefully about the people around you. Keep the ones that have your best mind at heart.

Who truly wants you to be happy? Think again, choose wisely who you let into your life. Isn’t it very important to have people that inspire you day in, day out? Transformation, starts with you, but also with the people you create around you.

Step 8: Compassion 

Now we are coming very close to the end. Have you ever donated to charity? Have you helped neighbors or friends moving? Do you cook dinners or lunches for friends or just simply give them a compliment.

Many studies prove that we become very happy from doing things for others. It gives us an enormous inside fulfillment. So, from today on. I want you to see people from pink glasses. Be compassionate, understand their perspectives and give them some compliments. Provide every day 1 compliment to a stranger or a friend, I give it to you as a challenge. You can do it!

Step 9: Let’s do it

This is the last step to transform your life. You are almost ready. Gather all the steps together and take action. We are not just keeping it to the writing, but we actually want to see results. Bad habits, quit it! You do not need them anymore, from today on, you see the world through different and more positive eyes. The world is how you see it.

9 Steps to transform your negative lifestyle into a positive one!

If you see it negative it is in your reality of being. You can change your perspectives and make it the positive world you want it to be. Make the best out of every day. Obstacles will always be, but lets embrace the easiest way of overcoming them. Do not resist. So, indeed the last step is to make it happen, to let it flow and stick to your plan.

Leave negativity and jealousy behind. You can be the happy person yourself, you have that happy person already within you. You just didn’t see it before. An amazing bright sunshine you are, it is just that you haven’t found your inner star. But now you are ready to shine and make it happen. You are the master of your life, you can choose how you go through life. Let’s be happy for other people, because you would be happy for yourself also in a similar situation. Wish everyone the love you wish for yourself. Love everyone unconditionally.

So bright star on this beautiful planet, I wish you all the love, luck and happiness. You can do it and you are good enough. Shine like the sun, the moon and the stars and you will never look back again.

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