How to trigger and maintain a spiritual awakening?

Back to more of a spiritual subject as these are questions often asked. Reaching a spiritual awakening is possible for every single person. For some it is easier to reach than others, but let’s get out of the way that this is just a destiny for some people.

It could happen unexpectedly, but usually it is a trigger happening after several years of deep self-development and meditation. This article contains no judgments what so ever, everyone is doing what they are supposed to do at the right time. This is simply an explanation of what a spiritual awakening is like.

What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is simply an awakening to what is. When you are as they call it “asleep” it is very hard to spend your days without getting into the “automatic pilot mode” and might now be conscious about how all of us are damaging the planet with our deeds and actions. The solution is not very clear, and often solved by anger as it is not understood that the only way to solve it is by love.

awakening triggers

When you are awake you are conscious of the layers that you have as a human, and you are aware of the potential of reaching higher dimensions that bring greater love into your life.

A spiritual awakening wakes you up to who you really are, therefore, all of what you are doing is not to understand who you are becoming. It is just to remember you who and what you already are.

How to trigger a spiritual awakening ?

My own spiritual awakening happened in a flash on my first meditation ever. However, this is very rare event and realizing later on that I have been doing self-development subconsciously for years.

Trying to find an explanation to all the bad things that have happened in my life and my true dedication was to improve it and find a better way of living.

In order to get a spiritual awakening you have to put the puzzle pieces together of your life. The blogs I am writing for you are small keys to getting to your awakening. You have to go back to your past and understand why things happened to you and what lessons you got out of it.

Forgiving is bliss

Forgiveness is one of the biggest triggers. Forgive everyone who hurt you in the past / present and most importantly forgive yourself for the hurt you have caused. This is very hard to grasp as in some situation you have been hurt severely and you can’t find any way to forgive.

When you understand the concept of forgiving, you know it is just a small situation on a very large scale (think the whole universe compared to yourself).

It is a disruption in the energy field that you can balance out by forgiving. You are not perfect, no one is, so give yourself some slack and forgive. The present and future are in your hands now, you can change it however you like it with new positive thoughts.

Understand your vicious circles

Vicious circles are lessons that keep coming back into your life. Think really well when you say “this always happens to me.” This is an absolute trigger point that tells you that this is part of your vicious circle. “I always attract unavailable people, I always get underpaid in my job,” “I am never appreciated for who I am.” When you say/ think these things often you understand that this is part of a vicious circle.

Spiritual awakening tips

You have to think why this keeps happening to you. What are you lacking in that area? To even make you understand more, you attract who you are. So when others do not appreciate you, it means you do not appreciate yourself.

Try to think of ways on how to change that! This is how you start recognizing the patters. Yes everyone, getting a spiritual awakening is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be brave and be willing to see every aspect of yourself.

Meditation and yoga

These 2 combined are a very good way to get a spiritual awakening, however, I would say without the process of self-development, there won’t be necessarily an awakening. It is the combination of mind, body and soul that need to be in exact alignment.

See it as a light that needs to enter from the top of you head, but due to all the disruptions in your body the light can’t enter. The more you clear up the way down to your toes by solving all the obstacles on the way, the light can enter.

Make sure your body is fit and ready, then slowly light beam by light beam can enter and grow into something greater all together as a wholeness. Then you realize there is no separation all has to come together to fulfill our true potential.

What do you experience during a spiritual awakening?

There is no standard way of having a spiritual awakening, this is very different for each and every person. You will get a higher vision of life on earth and beyond. Everything you thought was real, is now just a vast endless road of possibilities.

It is not all butterflies and flowers, even though you will feel extremely great. Like you are high on life and everything around you feels light and happy. However, you also become more sensitive, and it becomes very difficult to be around people that not carry these energies.

Grounding yoga exercises

The trick here is to do yoga and grounding exercises, so you stay earthed and you do not fly away to other dimensions, we are here to live our life on earth after all.

You will see interconnections everywhere and you might see beyond the “veil,” into other dimensions. This is where some people feel like they are losing their mind.

Grounding exercises

Please do not think that you are losing it, just go to like-minded groups and share your experiences. Also do not forget, you attract who you are, so there will be different kinds of people that come miraculously into your life. Life is amazing isn’t it?!

How to maintain a spiritual awakening?

This is something I have been dealing with for the past 5 years. The first 2 years I really thought that I have to be a guru now and meditate day in, day out. I deprived myself from sexual contact and I started connecting to the different dimensions out there, helping people on their way.

Then I realized that is not who I am. I like to have fun and get out there. I like my job in SEO & writing and being around people. It took me several years of practice to ground myself. But here I am, mingling with people daily. Shifting my perspectives, meeting incredible people that have guided me on the way.

Stay your unique self

Do things that you love on the higher level and do not run away from who you are, because you think you have to save humanity now as soon as possible. Find you own way of being, and when the time is right, you know what you can do to help humanity. It will just come naturally to you, and the inner feeling will become stronger and stronger, but you have to be strong in your energy field yourself first.

Meditate 20 minutes a day, do some Yoga, walk in nature and care for yourself. Do not give all your energy away, especially for the empaths out there. Some feel so strongly they have to help people after their awakening that they forget themselves.

Being self-centered (not to confuse with ego-centric) will help you ground and help others. When you are overloaded with energy, your presence can even help people around you.

Be mindful, be present

Practice mindful exercises, and do not torture yourself for doing something wrong. You are still human, you did not become a perfect being after the awakening. You should see it as your eyes are open now to the truth (your truth) around you and you can act accordingly with love. Do not become angry for injustice or a lack of support.

Find the strength within yourself and pull the love from the ether into your being. Meditate and visualize that you are drawing in love and support and you will never feel alone, because you never are.

Do not forget to smile

Enjoy life with a smile and take it lightly. You are responsible for your own being and not for that of others. They will change in their own time, just like you got the time for yourself to become who you are. You don’t like someone to control you either.

Be patient, be kind, listen to your emotions and act accordingly with love. You are one of a kind, do not be afraid to be your unique self, and do not let anyone take you off your path. Be stable, be ready and believe in yourself.

I love you as always! I know you can have the life exactly how you envision it. I hope you start believing it too.

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