How to understand synchronicity in life?

This is a question that many ask themselves… Is this the synchronicity of life or do things happen by coincidence?
And do you have free will at all? If you think about it, you are always somehow send to a place, person or situation that is bringing you closer to where you are supposed to go. Did you manifest this situation, or what it meant to be in the first place?

There are so many questions arising and really I am not in a place to decide what is faith and how to deal with it. However, I do know by observations and my sessions that partly life is meant to be in synchronicity and when you are out of this synchronicity, life will be a bit harder on you.

Why is this?

The Life, dead and rebirth Cycle

Life, dead and rebirth cycle is a big theme in the matter. When you are in a situation of joy, that is mostly because you have achieved something or you are in a place where you are totally content with yourself. However, if you would be in this bliss state forever, you would not want to change a thing and you wouldn’t grow into the person that you are supposed to be and the lessons won’t reach you. Therefore, life is ever changing, and always bringing you more insights about yourself and who you really are.

Synchronicity in life

Besides that there is the law of cause and effect. It is simply working on its own. You act upon a certain something, if this is good the good comes back. If this is something out of your alignment, then you will get this back as well. Which is not either good or bad from a higher perspective, it just teaches you the situation of both sides. Step by step you are developing into a higher being, gaining more knowledge and experience, that you can teach others when the time is right.

Timing …and when is that?

Often you hear the timing wasn’t right and you get angry? So, when is it the right time. This is where synchronicity comes into place. Especially when it comes to two people coming together. You both need to be in the right mindset and state to meet each other. So can we manifest and/or have a free will you might think?

You can do all of that, but still you would need to be in the right place to see it. The place where you are at, might be meant for different lessons, and therefore your focus is consciously or unconsciously not on relationships.

Free will vs. meant to be

Do you really have free will? Or are things meant to be? Your life is free will partly, there are outside factors that come from the law of cause and effect. This is continuous and everlasting and if you believe in past lives, some of those lessons come from your past or past lives. They continue to your life right now, to provide you with more insides. Does that count as free will as well? I would say partly, as you choose to act in the moment. Your choice of free will is based on living in the moment and then there is your heart’s desires.

Our head can tell us many things, but our heart tells us otherwise. Then sometimes we choose by free will to work in a job we do not like. You always have this choice to choose other then your vaguely set out path (your true life purpose). Your heart knows what it wants, but in our western society, many are not very connected to this part of themselves.

Soulmate Keen

You grew up in a society where you have to first look at money, then at what is most logic in the situation and only when you have enough money, you can follow your heart’s desires. Still this is part of your lessons and synchronicity, and the choices you make are totally your own free will. You can postpone what you know in your heart is true, or you can deny it altogether. Life will throw some tantrums at you to show you the way.

Synchronicity and numbers

Often in a time when you live is flowing or when you are close to a time of complete synchronicity you start seeing double numbers. Sometimes the numbers have meanings as you can look up on google, however, sometimes it is just a sign that you are on the right track.

You can see double numbers everywhere around you, and you might think that this is coincidence, because you pay attention to it. But if you think about it, even if this is something you pay attention to, there is always a reason for it. Life brings you answers to your questions, you just have to pay attention to it.

How to find your synchronicity?

So, concluding how can you find you synchronicity in life. Even sometimes when it feels like you are out of synchronicity, it is just a way to push you to a change. This comes all back to the life, death and rebirth cycle in which you explore different depths of your being. Once we understand that these cycles are necessary, you can appreciate all parts of life.

Navigating the Synchonicity of Life 

Every moment in our life can be likened to a thread in an intricate tapestry. While each thread might seem inconsequential or even out of place when viewed in isolation, it’s essential to the grand design. Similarly, every experience, decision, and seeming coincidence in our life weaves together to create the story of who we are and our journey on this Earth.

In the vast tapestry of existence, the concept of synchronicity can be thought of as those golden threads, connecting seemingly unrelated events, hinting at a larger, unseen pattern or design. It’s this design that many believe points towards a universal orchestration, a dance of energies and intentions.

Harnessing the Power of Intention

If life is a blend of fate and free will, then intention becomes our guiding star. Setting clear intentions can amplify the synchronicities in our lives. When we’re attuned to our desires, sending out a clear signal to the universe, we tend to notice signs and opportunities that align with those intentions more frequently. This doesn’t negate free will; in fact, it’s an exercise of it.

By consciously choosing our intentions and remaining open to the universe’s responses, we navigate the balance between manifesting our desires and surrendering to the flow of life. It’s a dance of co-creation, where our will meets the universe’s canvas.

The Symphony of Existence

Ultimately, whether one believes in synchronicity, coincidence, or a grander design, it’s undeniable that life has its rhythms, its highs and lows, crescendos and quiet moments. Like a symphony, every note, every pause, every crescendo has its place. Our role might be that of an instrument, a player, or even a composer at times. Recognizing and embracing the music of life, its synchronicities and apparent coincidences, can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the journey. With every moment, with every note played, we become more attuned, more harmonious, and closer to the melody of our true selves.

Conclusion on the synchronicity in life

In the grand tapestry of our existence, the intertwining of fate, free will, and synchronicity paints a profound narrative of human experience. While the debates between predetermined paths and personal agency continue, it’s essential to recognize and cherish the harmony they create together.

Every decision, every serendipitous moment, and every intention forms a chapter in our unique stories. Whether we see life as a series of coincidences or a dance of synchronicities, it’s the awareness and appreciation of these moments that enrich our journey. As we navigate the delicate balance between manifesting our desires and flowing with life’s symphony, we find the essence of existence itself. Let’s embrace this beautiful rhythm, for in doing so, we don’t just observe the music; we become a part of it.

Live in the moment, and do what you feel in the moment. Follow your heart’s desires and I wish you the best life possible!

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