Are you an empath? Read here the signs that can’t be missed

Many of us question, what is actually an empath and how can you recognize them?  I hope in this text to make clear what an empath is and to recognize if you are one or not.
In a lot of cases, the empath does not even know that he or she is an empath. It was definately the case with me. When you are born, you just take things as they are. Your reality can be very different for others. What is completely normal for you can be absolutely abnormal for others. In that way you sometimes do not recognize that you are more sensitive than people around you.

Yes, when you are an empath you completely feel for other people, nature and animals. But over the years you learn(ed) how to build a wall around you. This is the way an empath protects him or herself. We do not want to be so sensitive all the time and we just can’t seem to understand why other people do not feel or see what is happening around us.

You feel deep compassion for others

Are you an empath?


It is amazing to have compassion for other people and to feel for others, but a direction that many empaths take is to feel or care too much. We need to understand that each and everyone of us has its own path to take and make. We are all here to learn our own life lessons and us feeling the things that could “possibly” happen, could get in the way of that. In a way making mistakes brings us to the right direction. And yes, some people need to make mistakes over and over again, but it will be an eye opener eventually. In my Youtube video about Vicious Circles you can read more about how to recognize vicious circles.


Feeling overwhelmed in big crowds

An empath feels overwhelmed in big crowds, because they feel peoples’ energies. It doesn’t mean a person is weak or is wining, it means it is just too much. If you are not an empath it is very difficult to understand how it feels. I can try to explain, it feels like the whole crowd and each and every person is coming close. Then the music feels much louder, harder and intenser. We experience things a bit more intense than others, which makes us a bit of intense people (in some cases).

If we work with other people, we can get overwhelmed or very tired after a day. We have problems keeping our energy to ourselves, because we care about others and focus our energy to others. A lot of times we stripe ourselves away like we don’t deserve love, because we see so many people who need help. This is very good but can also lead you to end up caring for narcissists and egocentric people (energy vampires) that love that you care so much. They will take it out on you and you have no clue!

Keep the energy to yourself!

My message here to all the empaths is to keep the energy to yourselves and be careful to who you give your beautiful energy. Care for the people that love you too. There is no reason or law written in this world that you do not deserve love. All of us do. There is no law saying others should receive more than you. No! Stop that. Give your love away consciously and care for yourself. You can only give love away when you have enough love for yourself. Surrender to love and receive.

Great connection with animals

Empaths are usually very well connected to animals. We feel for them and understand them. Animals are naturally attracted to empaths. It is then very recommended (if you have the time for it) to own a pet and let them give you love as that is easier than from fellow humans!

are you an empath?

There is a believe that being spiritual is connected to being an empath, but that is not true. You can be spiritual and use your amazing talents for example for massages or any other service job. But you can also just be born an empath and have nothing with spirituality. It is something that is natural to you, but it is good to recognize it so you don’t drain yourself. Take care of your precious self and you can adjust your work and environment to your knowledge of you being an empath. That is the reason why I am writing this blog, it is so important to recognize if you are in this category.

Read here the 9 steps on how to recognize an empath:

1. You feel overwhelmed in big crowds
2. You feel for other people (almost too much)
3. Deep emotions about life, the planet, people and animals
4. You feel drained after spending a day with a lot of people
5. You are the one people ask help from
6. Always feeling guilty, because you could have done more
7. Animals understand you and you understand them
8. People quickly trust you
9. A trend of over giving

If you have at least 7 out of 9, you are definately an empath!

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • In order to protect yourself for the whole day, envision a white light around you. Make it a closed white cocoon that protects you from head to toe. Do this every morning before you start your day and do it again before you go to sleep. If you are drinking alcohol do it also before as when you are drinking alcohol you can allow more to come in (energies) or to go out.
  • Be careful to who you are giving your energy. Surround yourself with loving people that are also caring for you! If people make you do lots of things or you are not receiving much back, be aware. Take care of yourself FIRST and then when you have enough to share, then you share.
  • You can protect yourself with crystal stones. You can ware them with you. You feel which stone is good for you, a lot of times it is said that crystal stones pick you! Go into a crystal stone shop and let yourself be led. A few examples is black onyx (protecting from negative energies), crystal quartz and amethyst. But my recommendation is to ask advice in the store of the possibilities and then choose what feels good for you.
  • Do never doubt yourself, your own intuition is strong. You know what is wrong and right. Do not let people make you feel guilty about not doing enough. They know exactly to who to say so. Trust yourself and your own feelings!
  • Own and love a pet, they have so much love to give and they never ask anything in return. You can learn how to receive from them as they love you no matter what! But be aware, make sure you have enough time for them. They deserve some nurturing time also.
  • If you want to do some good with this talent of being an empath, look into it and develop your skills by for example massages or reiki! You will be a star at it. Everyone has potential for a spiritual awakening. Everyone is equal and unique and so are you.I hope this blog gave you the information you wished for, if not please contact me and maybe I can be of help! (And no I won’t overdo it haha.)

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