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The moment of truth

Time has come, time for change
Change for improvement, improvement of being
Being loved for who I am, I am worth it
Worth it is your quality, quality of existence
Existence of the addition to life quality
Quality of your offerings that count to society
Society that is in pain
Pain that can only be healed by the awakened

Awakened souls it is time to stand up
Stand up for planet earth
Planet earth, the beauty of the living
The living who neglected with no shame
Shame is for you to heal
Healing and forgiveness is the key to evolve
Evolve into a more peaceful world
World collective understanding of higher vibrations

Higher vibrations of your choosing
Choosing your life path
Life path meaning into forgetfulness
Forgetfulness of what could be
Be the one that stands for change
Change is everything, this is the moment of truth

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