How to change your life with a smile in 6 steps?

You want to improve your life, but you wonder? Where do I start? How do I move from a life that I am fixated in?

In these steps we hope to provide you with some insights on where to start in order to change your life. It is not so easy, we truly understand! However, there is always a way out and there is always room for improvement, no matter where you are. So let’s begin shall we?

1. Start with what you don’t like

You want to be in a place where you know what you want. If at the moment you do not have it completely clear what you do want, let’s start looking at what you do not want and what you would like to change (within possibilities).

Is it your wardrobe, is it your eating habits or are you simply not happy with the work situation that you are in. Start listening to your gut feeling to what feels “off” to you. Only when you when you discover what needs change you can make a change.

2. Start meditating and reflect

Before you take action and you start discovering what you truly want, let’s relax and breathe for a moment.

It is important that you start meditating and reflect on your life for a moment. Oke, we understand you want to take action right away, but shouldn’t you be clear on your goals first?

In order to have your goals clear it is important to have your mind clear. Can you ever be sure about them? Maybe not, but your intuition can tell you a lot of things, like am I on the right path yes or no.

Time for change

Your goal right now can lead you to another path and another path, but it is important, that all of them bring you joy in the moment. If it has not brought you joy in a while and it has been complicated, then maybe it is time for a change.

Also go back to your past and see what you loved doing as a child, with the innocence of that you can often reflect back on your talents. Also, there might have been many signs along the way that you were not ready to receive before, but that now you are open you can see clearly.

Open your mind, reflect and meditate. And empty mind has space for new ideas to come in, so focus on your breath and sit in the uncomfortable.

3. Write down your goals

You had time to think and reflect on what you want in life, now it is time to write them down. Believe that these goals can be yours, make sure that they are in alignment with who you are.

You can write down to become a millionaire, but wouldn’t it be nicer to start something you love and then eventually it pays off.

Change your life and write goals

Be wise and choose wisely, and do not beat yourself up for making your goals yet. Everything in life takes time and you can’t have it all at once, then your life would be over too soon. It is about working towards your goals step by step and enjoy the moment of doing so.

That is why it is so important to enjoy and love what you do. Write your goals down, make them a focus in your mind and believe that you can do it!

4. What are the fears holding you back?

In order to continue working on your goals it is important to know what has stopped you before from getting there. What are your fears? What has been holding you back?

If you doubt yourself, maybe listen to some affirmations in order to find more confidence. The world is a reflection of who we are, so if we believe in ourselves, everyone around us does. And maybe there are some people around who do not agree, but they do not respond to you, but to their own fears.

Following your own path is the only way to your own happiness. Pleasing others will never please them enough and making yourself content, will last a lot longer!

5. Live it, love it, be it

The goals has already started when you start living towards it. Just enjoy every part of the journey towards changing your life in a positive way. You can do anything you want, we have the free will to do so. There might be some karma here and there bringing your back from it.

But that could be only temporarily. Nothing can really stop you from what you want. It might be that when you change, the people around you change, leave or relationships improve. You might also meet more like-minded people and you are attracted to different kind of places, events and relationships.

Let it be as it is, all is meant for the bigger picture of life. Just smell it, live it, be it and relax. What can really go wrong? We are here such a short time, we might as well just learn, experience and follow the signs.

6. Some extra tips for the journey

Eat healthy, with a lot of vegetables and fruits. Drink a lot of water every day and exercise/ walk/ bike half an hour a day. You will see that your life will become happier and more clear. Right now I am on a juice cleanse, it has absolute benefits to the clarity of the mind, read my experience here.

Do not be too effected by what people around you might say, but make sure your inner being is so sure of what you want that you are unstoppable. Goals are different for each person and so are tastes, that is the beauty of our differences as human being.

We wish you so much luck in your journey of changing your life! I know you can do it and never stop believing in yourself! You are amazing and valuable, you have a right to be here.

Love you so much,

The Mindful Magazine

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