A life of non-resistance in a complicated world

Many times we wonder, where do I draw the line of my ambitions. How do I create my life in the most fluent way possible? How hard do I actually need to work in order to achieve my goals.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen indeed. But if you overwork yourself and nothing happens, that is something we would like to avoid equally. A life of non-resistance is that what we want to reach.

What does non-resistance mean?

Many times we hear the spiritual guru’s and spiritual teachers saying to be non-resistant. Important for us to know is, how to apply this into our daily lives.  We are just random people, living random lives with many obstacles and lessons. In all of these situations, how can you be the least resistant possible?

A life of non-resistance in a complicated world

To be non-resistant, as how I see it personally. Is to let life happen as it is, with the right active and positive attitude, without going against the stream of your true purpose/ self. Yes, it is true that we can do anything we put our minds to. Therefore, it will be hard to grab that you need to let go for things to happen. Do not try to see this whole concept with the mind, but see the bigger picture of life.

Leave the mind in order to let higher perspectives in

Often we think about life from the perspective of being in the middle of it.  But sometimes, in order to see the bigger picture. We need to look to life from above. What is it that I came here to do? What am I trying to avoid in my life. You feel deep inside that you have resistance for things. We love to control our lives and try to push forward with something that is not coming from the core of our hearts.

We need to learn how to live more from the heart. What truly makes you smile? How can I achieve a life, which makes me smile. Do not live your life from the side of punishment. I HAVE to achieve this or that, otherwise bad things will happen to me or people think I am a weak person.  I can tell you, there will always be someone, who is not approving of what you do.

What feels right for you in the moment?

What is your feeling right now in the moment? Every time you follow your feeling in the moment, it adds up to your overall perspective of achievements. Depends on what you call achievements. For some, going outside and meet people is an achievement and for others it is running a marathon. There is not such thing as big or small achievements. You feel which achievement is just right for you.

There is no right or wrong and everything is relative. If you wonder where to start, the best suggestion I can provide you is just start how you feel right now and write it down. Then you can think about the bigger picture. Capture it in your heart and slowly work towards it. Obstacles will be occurring in the process, but just know they will happen.

Stressing about the obstacles, makes it only worse. If you just let go and accept what is happening. You have an attitude of non-resistance! Well done, why make things worse than they already are. If you can’t do anything in the moment. Trust that all will be fine. Solutions will be presented to you. Just be quiet enough to catch on them.

Surround yourself with the right crowd

In order to aid the process of non-resistance. I would surround myself with the people that support your non-resistance and flow with life like you. However, you do not always choose with who you are surrounded as family and colleagues. We wonder sometimes how we can come along easily when someone is creating such a difficult time for you.

A life of non-resistance in a complicated world

Think about the following, can you actually change the person? Most probably not. Therefore, it is smart to look into something that creates solutions. How can you best deal with this situation. Going against someone, will it create more peace or more rumors and fuss. In stead, just see what lesson this resistant person brings you. How can you learn from them. What is the reflection you do not like? Is there something in you that resists it. Think about it and know what you would not like to do yourself.

A person that have made your time really bad or difficult, might have pushed you into the direction that you needed to go. So completely avoiding resistant characters is impossible. Rather thank them for the right directions and great opportunities they provided you. Sometimes change need some explosion, before a person sees it.

Love yourself to avoid the resistant self

Last tips I would like to give you in order to live a more non-resistant life is to love yourself. If you cannot live with who you are, it will be very difficult to face others in a non-resistant way. You are perfect as human bodies are perfectly made by itself. You are a beautiful soul, like everyone else just learning its lessons. No one here is better than you and everyone has a different life experience. Do not compare yourself to others as it makes no sense. Things might look perfect, but there is no such thing.

A life of non-resistance in a complicated world

Therefore, please just love yourself as you are. If you think you can live more healthy by means of mind, body soul, then change today! Do not prevent yourself from giving you the best possible. Love yourself like you would like to be treated from others. When you love yourself, others will more likely treat you the same as everyone is a reflection of yourself. Start giving yourself compliments, and look on how great you are. Treat yourself with tenderness and loyalty and be as beautiful as you are.

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