Karma: Can it get to you?

Karma is a b*tch, we all heard of it. But does karma actually exist? Everything in this world is about energies. There is some of the karma that comes directly back, but it might take longer for it to come back.

We often think, how can that person continue what they are doing without anything coming back to them. Choosing your direction in life is your own decision. There is a polarity in everything, no one is completely good or completely evil.

The polarity of life and its influence

The polarity of good and bad are everywhere and certainly necessary to provide you with the lessons that you need to learn. We are in a school called “earth”, in which we daily are faced with obstacles, problems and good times. All of these make us aware of who we are and send us in the right direction.

The famous karma: Can it get to you?

We do not always see it, but when something bad happens there is something good on it’s way “after rain comes sunshine”. Good things do not make us change directions. Why would we ever leave something good? Think about it and be thankful for the lesser periods. Everything happens for a reason and you will obtain exactly what you soul wants to learn and needs.

Does karma come back immediately?

We all know the people, who keep getting away with everything. They want to get where they want and do not mind hurting other people on the path to get there. But since I am already referring to several expressions “you can take the stairs or the elevator.” In both cases you will get where you need to be.

Yes, very true. You can get real high if you do not consider anyone else. But it is also very true that you are more consistent when you reached your goal without hurting others. If you do so with respect, other people will still support you when you have nothing. If you got high up and you loose your position, there won’t be much support.

How you create your circles is up to every person. Which lesson you want to learn? Does karma get back immediately? Not always, it can even take a lifetime to get it back. In your next life “if you believe in reincarnation like me”, the karma will get back and you will see the other side of perspectives.

Revise what is right for you

In life there are always many possibilities. In each and every moment of your life path, you will feel differently. When you are in your 20’s you might choose a complete different path from when you are in your 50’s. You have grown and matured more. Or maybe you were too responsible in your 20’s and you choose the other way around in your 50’s.

The famous karma: Can it get to you?

If we think about it, do we ever really make mistakes? If something does not feel right for you. You will feel that from the core of your being. There is actually no one who needs to tell you this.

What is normal for you might be outrageous to others. Depending on what you are looking for in life. You can do as you please, but with compassion of other people. Do not use, manipulate or harm people on the way of your desires. The more you stay true to yourself (and you know when you are) you will create less karma.

Energy exchange (What you give is what you receive)

In my opinion, energy exchange is like karma. You are sending some kind of energy to someone and you receive it back. It is like when you are nice to someone, it is most likely that person will be nice to you in return.

Even if the other party doesn’t have the best day and you are being friendly and see through the glasses of love, you will receive it back.

If you send anger into the world, there is a great possibility that other people react to you the same way as you see them. You create your reality and everyone will be a reflection of that reality.

Haven’t you noticed that you behave different, with different people around you? If you did, then you read this and you know immediately what I am talking about. According to the people you hang out with you resonate with certain parts of that person and that is what you share together.

Past life karma, possible?

It is very unfortunate, past life karma isn’t it? It could be indeed possible that you have karma from a previous life. But do not worry, there is no situation that you cannot get out of. Be good, give and believe you are able to receive. Manifest the life you see for yourself, and believe good things can happen to you.

We need to see the bigger picture of life. The journey of the soul and the self. If we see the bigger picture we can find more peace within ourselves and we have a larger craving of being good.

All that we do that doesn’t feel right for you deep down, will have consequences sooner or later. This is not to be feared, it is all part of our lessons. If we were perfect already, we wouldn’t be here on earth would we.

Reduce your karma

In order to reduce your karma or avoid creating karma, just stick to what you feel is right. Pray for the good for yourself and others. Show compassion, do some good for the people around you. Giving is receiving they say. Do not block any of these two in order to obtain the best possible.

The famous karma: Can it get to you?

My recommendations to you are, let everyone live their lives. Each of us have our own lessons. Do not get involved in someone else’s karma. Do not let yourself be hurt in any situation.

Focus on your self and your mistakes and lessons not on others. We all make mistakes and it is completely normal as the imperfect beings we are.

Have an amazing day and bless you all! Let’s be imperfect as we are and make the best out of it.

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