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Poem: “The light of the past”

The creation of the past
Created by those who have lived
Nothing near the decision of the unheard
Close to defining what may bring the sound of the angels
Movement of time is far away, so close but far-fetched
Where did my memories go?

The future is created by the thoughts of logic
Always running never in trust mode
Where will I be and what will I become?
Stuck in the past there is no clear vision
Trying to break ties, the past will never be forgotten
What part of it defines me?

Leaving the present behind, living in what not is
Forgetting where it all went
No absolute memories, just imprints of the moment
Just enough to carry on and take the lessons
The repetition of the same old mistakes bringing us back to the start
When will I learn?

Difficulty arises and faith is in the hands of the unknown
Why this always happens to me?
Freedom is just around the corner, just out of sight
The wave of calm will bring the answers
And that is when you realize what to do
In order to move on there is only one truth to be understood
The light of the past is the healer of the now

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