Why do I worry so much and how to stop worrying?

For some of you this is a pretty known dilemma, you are worried most of the time. Did I say the right thing? Am I dressed the right way? What will happen if I change my job? Will it be better or worse?

There are so many questions running around your head, it is very difficult to grasp it. So much can go wrong every single day, but if we worry about it all the time, how can we ever enjoy life to the fullest?

I am writing down some steps for you, to organize your mind and your life. Let’s not complicate for the sake of complicating. How about that? Find here the steps how you can stop worrying. 

1. What do you worry about most?

Let’s start with the big fish, what do you worry about the most? Did you know that fear is one of the most prominent factors for us to worry? And the even scarier one we all avoid: “death.” As in dying or as in end of a cycle.

Why do I worry

Change can be extremely scary and/or putting yourself out there and be vulnerable. There are so many reasons to worry, but let’s give you some tips in order to decrease all that worry. It is best you tackle one problem at a time. No need for you to stress yourself out more about how to solve your worries. Funny isn’t it?

2. Why do you worry?

Now we have picked a problem, it is good to know where your worries come from. I have to say some out there worry too little, and some just too much. Learning how to understand where your worries come from, you have to not think from your brain, but from your feeling.

If you take some time outside or sit with the uncomfortable in a meditation without labeling it, you might just figure out why you worry about a problem. Sometimes you might even worry about a specific situation to avoid another.

This could make you think right? What is truly important to you and what are you not facing within yourself? Answer these questions, and you just might get a little closer to the truth of your own self and imprint.

3. What do you value most in life?

In several cases you will worry because of something you value most. In order to be in control of a situation and avoid something bad. But if I keep telling you to NOT do or say something, you might end up so nervous and say it anyway.

Value life don't worry

This is the effect of worrying too much. There is nothing in life you can control, even not with your worries. You just have to let go and trust that everything will be oke. If not, it will lead you to another path that is meant for you. No matter how hard it may look. We have to understand that you can’t control your destiny. So, do your worries help you? It makes life only less fun and less light.

4. What are you avoiding?

As I mentioned before in the last paragraph, it might happen that you start to worry because you are avoiding a situation, a feeling or a person. You focus on something else instead of what really is happening. Our emotions and feelings can be hidden deeply and it is important to switch your emotions on.

It is not easy to grasp what you are really feeling. It takes some eye opening situations. You might end up in a bad situation at work or in a relationship and that person is just providing you with a reflection of what is happening with your own feelings.

Only a shake-up can really awaken you to how you truly feel. Everything has polarities, without light there is no darkness and without darkness you can’t see the light. There is an interconnection between the two.

Therefore, anything bad that might happen is just part of the flow of life showing you the path where you need to go. It might be very difficult but when you passed the bad experience, you look back and you understand the bigger picture.

5. See the bigger picture you great soul

Seeing the bigger picture makes you understand that we live in a life that is temporarily, as the person you are now. Your soul is everlasting and immortal. The experience in this lifetime will bring you to understandings that your soul is craving to learn.

When you start seeing life from above, out of the situation and “the game,” there is a greater understanding. If you believe in past lives or not, these gave you knowledge that you bring into this life, which can help you reach your new goals that provide you with new perspectives once more. How amazing right? Now you know you are everlasting, you don’t have to fear so much.

So see what you can learn from each situation and how you can grow as a person in this lifetime and don’t forget there is a bigger picture at hand.

soulmate connection

6. Have a great laugh and enjoy every single moment

Life is more valuable than we think and we should appreciate every single moment with ourselves and our friends, family and romances. The only thing you have is to be right here in the moment and a willingness to question on how to change your life with a smile.

Smile at life and life smiles back, when you understand everything around you is a mirror of your own reflection you will start to have greater optimism. How good is it to know that you influence people in a good way, that you have faith in them no matter how angry they are at you.

When you see that you have the possibility to change your own life and others is more powerful than ever. You do not have to be famous in order to change lives, you can start with your own small environment and work on the domino effect of happiness.

Conclusion why I worry so much

Trust the people around you, worry is just a reflection of not being in control, while caring for other people. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do but loving the people around you. Raise your kids with love and respect and trust that they will succeed in life. Give them the freedom to explore life and make their own mistakes, same as everyone else around you.

We all have made mistakes, and we learned so much from it. All you can do it tell/ teach people about your mistakes and it is up to them to receive this message. Sometimes it has to go wrong one time in order to see the consequences, and once the mistake is made, the message will be received clear and well. However, live and let live, let people make their own mistakes and get their own understanding in their own time.

As always, I love you so much. And I know that all will be oke dear soul!
We are in this together and we help each other through.

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