Do not complicate for the sake of complicating

Complications, isn’t that something we all face nowadays. You are trying to figure out how to undo complications, and on the way more complications add up. Why is it, that complications keep adding up. Is it us that complicate things or is it life complicating things?

How do we deal with complications and what can we do to stop them? There are many questions that can be asked when you think about it.

Your ego likes complications

Complications happen everywhere, it can be at work, at home or just on the streets. But when you think about it, is it all the other people creating the complications or is it you making the complication grow bigger?

Yes, our ego’s love complications. It is the voice that tells you to “not just take this bullshit in.” Your ego wants you to fight it and complain about it and make it so much worse.

Why the importance of meditation is emphasized lately. It is because meditation can fight the thoughts of your ego. Especially, in our lives that are especially so busy now. We have no time to stand still and take in what is happening. We need silence and training (daily) to keep the mind quiet.

Are you working for or against yourself?

Have you noticed, that when you tried so hard to make something work, that it doesn’t work at all. You are trying and trying and all over again. When we are more quiet in our minds, we create space to let things happen. When we are full of everything else, how can ideas enter your brain capacity?

We over complicate things into our lives. Because really, things cannot be THAT simple is it?
What if things could be that simple, and we just think it is too simple and over complicate it? When the post-it was invented, does that seem like something you have to over complicate? No, not at all, it is very simple but also very necessary.

How can you make your path less resistant?

Often we resist the things that are presented right in from of us. We want to control our lives into the ways that we want to. We are complicating something that is already out there. Your soul purpose is pretty much settled before you came here. It is up to you if you take the opportunity of your talents.

Do not complicate for the sake of complicating

Many times we are postponing things, just because we are afraid or not ready yet. But when you think about it, will you ever be ready? Are we ever 100% ready for something?

In any situation, you can never be ready. If you are, you are not alive on this planet. We need to make mistakes in order to learn. We fall, stand up and grow, even stronger than before.

Just do, and embrace possible failure

In your daily life you have dreams. In your dreams you move mountains. Why aren’t you moving mountains in real life. Sometimes we need a reminder that we do not live forever.

You do not have forever to make your dreams work and at the same time it is never too late. There is no excuse for nothing. You just have to put your mind, body and soul into it in order for it to work.

If it doesn’t work straight away, do not become frustrated, but embrace your failure. Sometimes failure brings you to where you need to be. How can we lean if we never fail.

Do you think that the people who have reached the top in whatever sector, were afraid of trying. No way! They just did what they felt and went along with it. Intuition can really bring you on the right path, you just need to listen to it!

Imagine the best possible outcome

In order to not go against yourself and complicate everything. We need to believe in ourselves and believe in the best outcome possible! You have the power to change things in your life. You ARE ready for that job change, relationship or travel. Do what feels right for your, but do not keep postponing good things in your life.

Do not be afraid to accept the unknown. Sometimes new things seem scary and frustrating. But if you just let go and accept it, you will make life much less complicated. The only one making life complicated is you. Imperfections will always be there. We are imperfect humans, leading an imperfect life in which we have several experiments.

You deserve the best, believe that from the core!

If there is no one telling you, that you are capable, I will do it. You are beautiful and capable of everything you would like to achieve in your life. Please, do not listen to the people around you if they talk you out of it. The only one who knows what is best for you, is yourself.

The signs are clear for you and your intuition, will lead you exactly where you need to be. Stop over complicating things and just do it. In stead of being a skeptic, let life and actions flow.

You do not need permission from anyone to live your life. If you are committed to someone in whatever manner, find the best possible consensus you can have.

Be selfish and compassionate at the same time. Believe that for everything there is a solution, nothing can stop you from being the awesome being you are! I wish you all the look from the core of my heart.

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