Flow state of mind, what does that mean?

You are busy and things do not seem to work out for you. This is something we all experience at times. We dream of a state where everything flows easily without too much effort.

However, like the wheel of fortune we have ups and downs, bringing us to a better place. The big question is: “how do we get there?” For everyone there is sunshine after heavy periods of rain. So everyone, hang in there oke!

In which flow are you right now?

You are probably reading this article when you are out of your flow state. Feeling stuck and unmovable could be on the agenda. Do not worry, there is a way out. In order to find you way out, you have to understand what is making you feel stuck in the first place.

Where are you right now in the moment and where do you see yourself going in a couple of months or in the longer term?

Set yourself some solid goals

Escaping where you are is 1 thing, however, if you do not have your escape plan, how do you expect to go anywhere.

Do not expect an outside savior, not saying that this can’t happen. Just be aware that you are the master of your life and you are the only one that can change the situation that you are in.

If your body tells you that something is “off,” try to listen to this feeling. Do not try to push against the feeling that you have to have a solution right away. Try to first understand where you are and if you do not know what you want to do with your life, it is important to dive a little deeper.

Flowing state

I always say: “if money is not an issue, what would you do?” When you follow your heart, money will follow you. There is someone out there in the world that is waiting for your talent to reach them.

So do not doubt yourself. It doesn’t mean you will be an immediate money machine, but it means starting with a hobby that you love is a good start to start flowing. Set some goals up and brainstorm, it is a good start to begin from.

What does a flow state of mind mean?

Best described is that you are in a state of accepting life as it is, no matter the good or the bad. When you are in a flow state of mind, you follow your heart into what it needs. This means that you are able to see life from a higher perspective.

“How can you enter that state of a higher vision?” That is absolutely a good question. It means that you rediscover yourself and raise your level of vibrations into a better version of yourself.

Higher vibrations

This all sounds really complicated, but I can tell you it is not. If you can commit to the gym or an outside incentive, you can commit to yourself. Spend time in nature, meditate, speak words with kindness and start listening to your heart instead of your monkey mind.

In the beginning it will take some effort confronting yourself, as you have to accept yourself for the good and the bad in order to raise your vibrations. But understand that when you climb a mountain you have to put in effort first before you reach the top.

The same accounts for happiness and a state of flow. This state is reached when you did the work of self-development, when you dare to face your fears once and for all. We can all do it, are you ready?!

What are you most grateful for?

Let’s go back to the situation right now. What are you most grateful for? Are you a type of person that focuses on the bad things in life instead of the good? Is your glass always half empty? The universe is here to answer your demands, if you are thinking in a lack of something, this is definitely what you will get.

Grateful flow

In a state of flow you accept whatever is coming, because you know that whatever the universe/ God brings you is absolutely what you need. Sometimes an obstacle needs to happen in order for you to understand where you need to go.

Didn’t often the worst things lead you to something so much better. Do not see only the worst in every situation, but see what you have learned from it, what did it bring you? And again, what are you most grateful for now, could it be from some bad situations even? If you can answer this with a ‘yes,’ you are really on a good journey.

Are you catching the flow wave?

Like said before, never think of a lack or that you are missing out on something. However, if there is an opportunity and your heart tells you wholeheartedly that you should take it, go for it! Do not be afraid to catch the wave. Because even seeing yourself succeeding the things that you want can be scary.

Even more strongly, some people have a huge fear that what they want can actually happen, that means that their negative thoughts about life are wrong.

That’s why fairy tales should be seen by kids, and as adults we need to believe in happy endings too. If it is not visible now, it does not mean it will never be there.

Visualize a good future for yourself and believe that anything you wish for can come your way. Be patient dear soul, your time will come. Sometimes after all the struggle, we just need to let go and let is rest for a moment.

Take time to visualize, but do not hold on to that thought so much that it can’t reach you. Be open to the universe and you might be surprised of what can happen to you.

Open up and let it be

You have time, relax and be the person you wish to see in others. If you are more of a procrastinator, find out what stops you from getting there. It might be that you are afraid of your own success, or afraid of making mistakes.

Let’s all fall hard, time after time and learn until we know where to go. Do not be said about failure, we have a whole life to full up with trials and chances.

Everything leads you to where you need to be, therefore, you can become the best version of yourself with life experience, inner power and confidence. Strong people did not become strong because of success, they had to fall first with mental breakdowns and failures.

Make your life count, it is a precious one and you are so lucky to be here, do not get stuck in a negative spiral. Know that by the end of your life, you are one hell of a proud person!

Live, feel, touch with great balance, but leave nothing out.

As always wish you all the best in the world.

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