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Be spiritual, but live your human life

Nowadays, meditation is a big thing. It is definitely one of the best things I have discovered. I feel much more relaxed and I can put things into a better perspective.

As some of you I have had a spiritual awakening because of the meditations, it was one of the most intense and most beautiful experiences ever.  However, discovering there is a whole piece of bit that we do not know can become an obsession for more information and doing things right.

Enjoy your life to the maximum

At a certain point I felt like I had to meditate much, behave perfectly and dedicate my life to spirituality. Off course, in a way this could be written into your life (for some), but we also get other purposes in life which you would like to discover.

I realized I was holding something back of myself. We are meant to learn new skills and tools for whatever reason in this lifetime. Meditation, yoga and mindfulness is definitely a way to increase awareness of yourself and of your true skills.

After a certain time I went back to my old self with a new skin. More conscious about what I want, more self-confident, but I am still going out sometimes, discovering new roads of happiness and jumping from here to there.

This is who I am and this is who I shall be. What I would like to bring to you is that you need to choose a life that is related to who you are and what you feel who you are.

There is no one else that can tell you what to do. Take the basic principles of religion and spirituality. Be a good person, help each other out and thank the universe or god for all its beautiful moments.

Be grateful, laugh more and enjoy every single moment of your life. Life has ups and downs but that will become lighter when you have an understanding of what you need to learn in life. Astrology or a psychic reading could help you understand more of yourself.

Everything in life is about balance

As I said before, try to balance your life. If you have children or a busy job, it does not matter. Devote your life to spirituality and discover as much as you can, but give yourself some limits. If you were not born a monk or has the insane amount of pressure from above, you do not have to dedicate all your time to meditation or spiritual practices. Is the life of spirituality for everyone?

Yes, it could be and it should be, it is already in the core of our being. It is something that we can remember through meditation. It can provide us with insights that bring us more than ever. But if we do not go out and laugh or live life the way we want to, there will be a blockage happening in the body. It becomes another belief system that we forced upon ourselves or that other’s forced upon us.

Learn from your mistakes and own them

You feel what is right for you, sometimes we have a blind spot and that is oke. Eventually you will know exactly what to do with your life. It is all so beautifully intertwined and everything happens for a reason.

When you are in the situation usually you do not see it yet. It will certainly come later and lighten up your life. It is all about understanding oneself. If we do not make mistakes, we do not learn from them. It is the mistakes that guide you to the right direction, everything is just a matter of perspective.

Hopefully, this quote made you think about the balances in your life. There is no right way to live, it is just the right way for you. You personally feel what is wrong and what is a mistake, nobody needs to tell you that. We know exactly what we should do in order to find the path of happiness. You are your own creating and a lovely being of earth.

Wishing you all the best of luck, love and health,

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