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The Reflection of Opportunities

I see the beauty in your eyes 
You are greater than my imagination 
The reflection of honesty 
Twinkles of wisdom 
Travelling off to far lands,
to corners of the impossible 
Light only reached the fast lane 
Now I am lost 

Spread your view of determination 
See all roads that lie ahead 
Let yourself be led by the fairies 
As they show you the path of dreams
Opportunities arise while the trees are growing 
Abundance of entangled roots, 
suddenly are set free 

I see the reflection in the river 
Never have I thought of such greatness 
It is all within the roots of my possibilities 
Searching in the outer world 
Never have I achieved 
Suddenly I see clearly 
The twinkles in my eyes are mine 
Never will I go back 
I love myself 

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