Travelling or settling down… reality check?

We all have these moments, that we are not sure how to continue with our lives. What do I really want? Where do I want to go?

I am writing this blog because, I have been in a similar situation lately. This article will have a bit more of a personal touch. As everything I am writing has been granted by my own experiences and by glimpses of universal understandings.

Most of us are “stuck” in an 8 hour, eight to five job, stuck between walls. Is this really where my life is going to you are wondering?  What do I really want? How can I make my dream come true.

Reality check…? Boom you got it!

Often we are looking outside of the window in the office or at home “if you even have one, ” and you wonder… is this really what I am meant to do? Like me personally, I have found my spiritual journey.

But, I had no idea that with this journey, I would question my whole existence. You feel like you should be grateful at one point, because you have everything you “thought” you wanted but on the other hand you feel like something is “missing”.

Travelling or settling down reality check

Feeling more sensitive is not an easy job. You sense what is going on quite often and you have to keep things all to yourself. We all struggle with feelings and emotions.

There is no perfection, even though some people seem to have it all. It is a matter of perspective, how do we see this day? How am I going to act? Do I decide to make it a happy day and will I keep mingling about the things people say or think about me? It is all a choice. But sometimes, we really feel like we are not pursuing our real life purpose. How do we solve this?

Travelling a solution or just running away?

A reaction to “being stuck” is to leave the situation. There are two types, you either leave the situation by closing off your emotions and dive out of society or you can run away by travelling.

However, sometimes spending time on our own by ourselves or by travelling might provide us with answers. We could close ourselves off from inspirations, because we feel an obligation to make money or to take care of family or animals.

Travelling or settling down reality check

The hardest part is… where do we draw the line? Of a healthy travel and a healthy time spending alone? It is all about balance. Balance is what keeps us stable in life. Take some time alone and write down what you really desire. What is holding you back from what you really want in life? This is the phase I am currently in as well.

Throw yourself in the deep and follow your hearts’ desire

How well do you actually know yourself? You are doing what you do, but do you enjoy what you are doing? Is there a hidden talent that you are not ready to face? Or might it be ignorance that is holding you back. Well never feel useless, we are all here on this earth to fulfill our life purpose. And every hour, day and year, we are coming closer to our true self.

Depending on your situation, take a breathe and think about what you truly want if money would not be an option. Then you might start this as a hobby, like me writing this blog. I enjoy writing for you, even though it won’t get me finances back. It doesn’t matter, that can always come later. If you never start what your heart is full with, you can never reach it. Do not always wait for things to come to you.

Travelling or settling down reality check

If you inner voice is telling you something act on it. So if that means your inner voice is telling you to travel, go for it!! You might meet people on the way, that provide you with the answers you need. Not everything comes from yourself, but pay attention to what people say around you. What are they complimenting you for? YES, exactly, there you go. A start of an understanding of yourself.

How can I listen to my inner voice?

So, for example, talking about your inner voice/ intuition. Your desire of travelling becomes so strong, that you have to book something. What place first comes into your mind? Where are you drawn too? Which language is crossing your mind. What movies have you watched on certain location, which made you feel like going there?

Travelling or settling down reality check

Each and everyone of us has an inner voice. Do not think you intuition is left out. Many times we are just too busy to listen to it. That is why often meditation is recommended. Is meditation a struggle? Yes, it is and has been for everyone. Especially, when you are coming from a busy life, you will have trouble sitting still. It is a practice, just like practicing on how to play football or how to dance hiphop. It takes focus and perseverance. After this practice, your inner voice becomes more clear to you. Even if I meditate almost every day. I certainly have days, I just can’t do it and I keep looking at the clock. It is normal and you will get better and better every day.

Settling down or being free

You feel like the clock is ticking and you want to settle down, but at the same time you want to be free. Yes, this is an example on how I feel. I like freedom, but I like to settle down too and get to know people. How do you find a balance between these two?

What I have learned is just to surrender, and to let go of expectations. The universe knows what is best for you. You have even chosen your own path before you came here. There is not much to argue on where your life is going. Within your own reach and life purpose, you can manifest your desires. After that, well… maybe disappointing, but you have to wait. Time is just an illusion as we know.

We can choose life, but we can not control everything. We have to trust that everything we go through will send us to the right path. We have to let go, and trust. The universe knows exactly what is right for us at the time being.

Conclusion …. the right choice?

Why do we stop the stress and have a little faith! There is no wrong or right, everything will settle as it should be. If you follow your heart and your true desire, you will become closer to your true self. The full essence of who you are. So no matter what your choice is, there is no right or wrong. Because in the end, you will be left with great lessons, great happiness and new experiences.

I sometimes feel, like it doesn’t matter what I do? Or if it makes sense that I am continuing. But as long as I follow my heart, I am myself, it will be sorted. You have to start somewhere and that accounts for all of you. I was long doubting how I should behave in order to come across “more spiritual”, in this process I forgot who I truly am.

The girl who loves to connect with people and who loves to dance and have fun. My passion is travelling, inspire people and to be inspired. Learn new things about life, about people around me. It is what makes me wake up in the morning. I want to be part of the process to people’s happiness. And I won’t give up on that. It is the essence of my existence.

There is no perfection, I am not perfect and no human being is. We all have our lessons, let’s judge less and love more. I am already happy thinking about it! Wish you all the best in your process and your choices, may I inspire you as others inspire me.

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