How to overcome addictions and bad habits?

How to overcome your addictions and bad habits? We first must understand how an addiction can be defined. An addiction is something you cannot do without in your daily life. It is the excessive use of something which ultimately leads to self-destruction and depression.

Do not mistaken that addiction is only about smoking, alcohol and drugs. There are several types of addictions. You can be addicted to shopping, to always be with a person (clingy) and food.

Whatever your are experiencing as an addiction, it is not the end of the world. You have your own future in hands and you can change things accordingly. The first step of overcoming an addiction is to admit that you have one.

Usually we keep telling ourselves that we do something, just socially, one time only, or only when you feel like. However, these matter become uncontrollable for you and you have no clue how to solve it.

You are the only one that can heal yourself

After the step that you have admitted that you indeed have an addiction or bad habit, you can look for help. In some cases when we are drowning to the ground, we need to have some guidance. But, when help is there it is all up to you how to overcome these habits.

Furthermore, what you can do is to start meditating and raise your vibrations. How would I know? I will tell you my own story.

My own story of healing from “bad habits.”

3 Year ago I was a smoker, which I probably started at 13 when I thought it was very cool to do so.

From smoking to be more liked by others, I continued and continued. First I said I was only smoking socially, and only sometimes. But, soon it became more often.

Because the cool kids were smoking outside and I was so desperate to be liked (even though I didn’t show that), I went outside to smoke at school. With the smoking there came the drinking.

I was feeling quite unhappy many times and I had no outlet for my feelings. Often an addiction comes from hiding certain feelings that you suppress. Sports, drinking and smoking were my true outlet. What a combo right? I was good at all three of them.

Lack of self-love and understanding the self

Up until 25 I haven’t really cared about my body or myself. Self-love was not present at all. I felt very misunderstood and my self-worth was as low as it could be. As I had to deal with a great amount of bullying in my youth.

I was always smiling on the outside, but crying from the inside. Back then I didn’t know what I know now. We have our own lives in our own hands and good things start to fall into place when you meditate and understand the law of attraction.

It is all about balance

After my spiritual awakening I stopped smoking, I changed my diet into a vegetarian one and ate so much healthier. I reduced the amount of drinking, however sometimes I still like a wine or two! But, you can enjoy life with more balance. Everything that is TOO much, will lead to some sort of self-destruction. Balance is all we need. With the dedication to meditation, your thoughts will be transformed into higher thoughts, more pure thoughts and your addictions will slowly fade away. You start learning on how to listen to your body and what your needs are.

How to overcome addictions and bad habits?

Will you be better off spending all your money? Probably not. Will you feel better after another round of drugs? Short-term most probably, but long-term it won’t do. First thing you got to do is learn about yourself. What made you over excess in the first place? What are you trying to ignore? Ignorance is bliss they say right? Although it is not the long-term bliss you are looking for. Karma will be right back to bit you in the ^%@*.

Dedicate some time to yourself

Are you spending some time alone? It is maybe some time to dedicate some time just for you. This does not mean isolate and never coming out of your room ever again.

This means that you have to start loving yourself. What is it YOU really want and need. Treat yourself with something (good) that your heart desires. Go to that spa, take the massage or go on a holiday.

Getting out of your environment and spending time in nature will help you obtain a broader understanding of yourself. It is the connection that is often not there anymore when we are having addictions or bad habits.

Choose your own destiny

I know you might be scary to know yourself, but how bad can it be? We are all human being with our perfections and imperfections. And both are equal, both are necessary.

You can choose what you want to be in life and when you start recovering from your addictions and/ or bad habits, your self-love that you are so much longing for, is coming back to you. The addiction is filling up the gap within you. The empty space that is never loved and that wants love so badly.

How to overcome addictions and bad habits?

Listen to me, love is for everyone. It is an energy, which means that it is out there for grabbing. It can’t be found in other people. You can only find the key to that yourself. It is within you, and when you have found it, your life will change drastically.

Positive thoughts attract positive things and people, this is pure physics. You become a magnet for good things. If you expect bad, you get bad. Also when things are not going as planned or not fluently, you might consider to listen. This is the universe telling you, you are not on the right track.

There is something (and read this carefully) within YOU that needs to change. Signs are everywhere, but how receptive are you willing to be?

You deserve the world

I can’t say it loud enough, but it is true. You deserve everything you wish for. Usually people with bad habits and addictions are the most sensitive ones. They just can’t understand how evil this world can be. It is, in some ways. The earth does need some changes, however, by being negative yourself and drowning in sorrow the world won’t change. If you really want to make a difference, start meditating, start dedicating time to yourself and learn about the things you like.

How to overcome addictions and bad habits?

When you are starting to fulfill your true purpose, you are meaning the world to people. We all have our unique traits and purposes that can help the people that just need you at that moment.

Not just some people are talented and others not. If you are not talented enough, you might overlook your real talents. Are you being true to yourself?

Have you ever seen a musician play with their hearts or a teacher speaking like you have never heard before? There is something just out there for you to catch, only if you take of your blinding and stop being afraid to be yourself.

Conclusion on how to stop bad habits and addictions

It is not only about the stopping, it is the whole psychological road that should be followed. Find yourself a good therapist, go to meditation class and start spending more time by yourself (as much as possible).

Enjoy getting to know yourself and bit by bit, you will see that the healing can start. Do not hold on to anger, and start forgiving. Life is way to short to just be angry. Start living for yourself and not for others. You have to live with YOU and when you can do that, you will better relate to others. Understanding yourself is understanding others.

I wish you good luck on your journey, if you ever come across any questions or you would like me to write about certain subjects, you are more than welcome to do so.

Have a beautiful day and let go of your anger, you are far more capable than you think.

Love you very much.

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