The illusion of cultural differences

I find this a very interesting subject considering my interest in the international globalization and integration. Nowadays it is very easy to move countries, especially within the European Union. I have lived in several countries and met people from all over the world. It has been and is a true honor to meet so many nationalities and personalities. What makes it so fascinating is what are border and what are the actual cultural differences?

Is there one universal language?

People from different countries speak distinctive languages. We might catch a few words in the talk, but much of it is just a blur. However, our brain is capable of learning new languages and habits. This is a proof that reprogramming the brain is possible. If we can learn a new language, that means we can rewire our brain into positivity.

Have you ever tried to sit across a person without speaking? If you do not speak and you are looking each other in the eyes, you speak universal language. The eyes are the mirrors of the soul and describe the feelings of the person. We are sensitive beings that can work either with logic or our intuition. Many say that intuition is for the intuitive, but come on, we all have it!

We know when we like someone and when we do not. This is not country restricted, but rather energy restricted. We feel the energies of another person and we respond to that.  A great example I found when I was doing conscious dancing or bio danza. I have danced with people from all over the world who I have never met before. But without speaking, we all seemed to like each other. When you start speaking, that is when the second type of character comes out. On our soul level we mean well no matter what. All is for the greater good of our planned and all happens for a reason.

Borders, boundaries and stereotyping

Thinking about countries, we often introduce ourselves of the country where you are from when abroad. By this manner, we stereotype fast. Ah, that person is from Holland she must like cheese and weed or the Indian over there must like curries. We can think of many more examples, but you can what I mean here.

The illusion of cultural differences

In reality we grow up, we take on the habits from our families partly. You decide what you are taking in and pursuing. Then we have the environment that is influencing us, so your friends, neighbors and your romantic partner(when older). Do not forget your own personality based on the perceptions around you. However, considering all these things and the habits that we grow up with, our soul wants to express something.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is taught. It is something that you came to earth for. Something that you are pursuing, because you are meant to. The soul does not know boundaries or borders of countries. It does not limit itself to what is taught. It wants to expand and learn. According to these desires, you create your friends, your chosen family and all around you. Yes, in a way that is the manifestation coming into realization.

Soul expression and interests

Do you recognize having interests, that have nothing to do with your family? You are interested in learning a certain language or going to a specific place and you have no idea why. This could have to do with your past lives in which you were in that place before, or it is something your soul wants to discover. There is many discussions if past life do or do not exist. No intention in me wants to argue that with anyone. However, we live in a giant universe, with thousands, millions, trillions planets in this universe and maybe this universe is located in another universe. It is endless, who knows what the possibilities are. If we are finite, then earth would have been destroyed long time ago.

We are part of earth and earth is part of us. We are particles of earth, which is infinite. We are in dream states, that still can’t be explained. Why do we accept limited thoughts, if we can accept a much bigger concept. We have our human limitations and interests, like languages and people. However, if we differ so much from people from other countries, how do friendships between cultures exist? How does war exist? It needs to sides with equal wishes.

We are no different, we have certain ways of expressions that define boundaries and borders. But nowadays, we learn worldly languages like English, Spanish and Mandarin. I am Dutch and I am writing this blog in English. Just to make it more understandable and universal.

One world, one love

This title is probably very cheesy, but come on. In our hearts it is something we desire. Many people that have hatred in them, had a lack of love in childhood or in life in general. When we grow up in a society or family of love, we won’t hate. We fear because of people that hate. Like many say, hate is very close to love. We feel because we hate and we love after we hate. It is all related. People who are angry have been hurt.

For now we are a world of polarities in which we learn, pain and overcoming obstacles. It is the world as it is right now. However, this does not have to be the world we live in. We all have deja vu’s or moments when we think of someone and the next moment the phone is ringing and that person is calling you. We know things already, we can feel it.

We can be in tune with ourselves more when we become more aware of who we really are. In a way, when we know there is a connection with everyone, are there still cultural differences? Or can we call them soul expressions? Or curiosities and habits? It is wonderful to learn from each other. New dishes, new languages, new expressions. Art is a great example of universal language. We see a painting and many stories and meanings can be made out of it, and the funny thing is, nothing is wrong. All is right and all is wrong. There is no wrong or right, there is no you vs. me.

There is only 1 thing and the only thing:


Collaboration is key

What if we forget the whole individualistic scene as we know it in the western world and look at our so called “third-world” countries. Are we much happier then them? Isn’t our pressure taking us too far away? We all have our own talent and if we could see, that if we bind them together we form a WE structure in which we can create.

The illusion of cultural differences

Creation can be done when forces are combined. We all have our strength and our inner powers. No one is more important or less important. It is the collaboration of humanity that will make us grow. It is the beauty of differences that we need to accept. Find the people that resonate and gather forces. Find love in each other and create. It is the only way to understand this full support. Alone you are just alone, but together you are strong. Together you can create!

Hopefully this article brings you clarity and as always.

Much Love.

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