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Poem: The ultimate search for a place called home

Today I am writing another poem for you. It is about finding a home and a feeling of belonging. Hope you enjoy my poem and I wish you a lovely day!

Leaving behind what is scary 
No more tears to drop
Finding your way to never land
Always on the go 

What can I call home?
Where do I belong?
Shall it be where I feel the most strong
Nothing appears out of the blue
Destiny is set for you

Neither escape nor ignore it
Life will hunt you down
Streets are full of lies that deceive
But you know where you belong
You can’t run away

Travel to where the sun shines
But home is where you belong
Home can be anywhere and nowhere
How can you choose what is home?

Strangling in thoughts of moving
Lightening strikes into the circle of movement
Now you know what to do
Now you know where you belong
It is far away and yet so close 
This is where you belong
This is where the heart is filled
Where lightening is allowed to strike
It is called home

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