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Poem: “The flying bird of freedom”

Searching for freedom
As birds flying so high 
Overlooking our problems,
clouds are getting stronger 
Birds are becoming trapped 
We forgot what living free is like

The rainbow of peace is missing
It used to touch our wings of privilege
The colors are fading, feathers disappear 
All the birds are stuck in their clouds 
Looking for support and help 
Friendship is nowhere near 

In order to fly again, 
the clouds need to be gathered one by one
Colors of the rainbow have to be respected 
Our true nature is frozen in the snow
Waiting for the sun to return

Defrosting our wings of freedom
Coloring life, finding our true purpose 
Greatness is coming, friendships arrive 
No longer am I flying solo 
We have defeated the clouds,
as together we are stronger 

The sky so clear and blue 
It is guiding us to a brighter land 
Here I can find a home 
Staring at the trees, nature so calm
This is where I want to be
This is called Freedom



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