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Poem: Layers of a dreaming existence

Searching for lands far away
Where love is still the interconnection of souls
Long lost with the time of Atlantis, the search has begun
Living off the dangers that life has to offer
Not understanding the sequence of rhythm
The flow of being, the understanding of God
A place to feel safe and full livelihood

Stronger than ever, the truth will break through
Forgotten in the depths of the ocean
Learning to accept polarity as it is
Not knowing how to change the frequency of the radio 
Hidden in its glory, waiting patiently to be explored
Upside down the world looks different
New perspectives wake up to the awakened 
Awake, colorful and resistant free
The tight breath you can let go
Dreaming of a beauty deep inside 
Always there for you to grasp, but so hard to seek
Living in the world of a dream is the biggest dream of all
Loving with tenderness, no conditions explored
Straight to the divine of us all 
Dreams tell us stories, stories of existence
Stories that have been unwritten and unexplored
Providing knowledge of beauty and acceptance

A good life to remember
Service to the highest good
A road of obstacles and strength
Not followed by many
The brave ones dream 
As they are the seekers
Seekers of matter, seekers of non-quotation
Delivery of human perspective
Layers and layers, revealed like an onion
This is the story and reality of you
Whether in a dream or reality
Once you are ready, the book will open and the dream transfers to existence

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